Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jamboree 2013 ~ My Final Post

Cheryl Palmer and Lisa Alzo

My over all view of Jamboree was nothing but pleasure. Yes, the attendance was down, due to the NGS's event in Las Vegas prior to Jamboree. I understand many people needed to choose which conference to attend. SDGS understands this also. After all, how often does California have a National Genealogy Conference? 

I was booked to attend in Las Vegas and was excited about going, but when my husband said we were invited on an Alaskan cruise during that time, I couldn't disappoint and not go. I love traveling, and sometimes life is a give and take situation, I missed Vegas.

But getting back to Jamboree 2013, even though the count was down this year, I really enjoyed it! Rooms were not crowded and I didn't get turned away from any classes due to being full.  Next year will inevitably be very crowded again, I know, and I will be prepared for that.

Elena Jacobson and Patricia Stanard

I enjoyed all of the classes I attended and all of the socializing that goes along with Jamboree. Some people were pretty tied up most of the time, but they were working and I understand. Many people I missed chatting with, and I missed those people who didn't attend this year.

I missed the official blogger photo again this year, I think I missed it last year also. But, I did make it to the California Genealogical Society and Library photo shoot. I am hidden in the back, just how I like it.

Permission to use photo given by Kathryn Doyle

Photo originally posted at the California Genealogical Society and Library Blog and names of who are in the photo are listed below, as shown on their post.

L. to R. Nicka Smith, Lavinia Schwarz, Diana Edwards, Susi Pentico, Vicky Kolakowski, Gene Pennington, Kim Cotton, Denise Richmond (front), Nancy Schlegel, Janice Brandt, Cheryl Palmer, Linda Darby, Karl Weiler, Mary Mettler, Kathryn Doyle, and Jim Sorenson.

I enjoyed social time in the "blogger lounge area." I did get one photo ~ Actually someone took the photo for us, was it someone from the hotel? Maybe a comment will be made letting me know who took this photo. It was taken with my camera...

Randy Seaver, Thomas MacEntee, Elyse Doeflinger, Mike Savoca, Patricia Stanard, Elena Jacobson, Gini Webb, Cheryl Palmer, sitting and Emma Gastelum, also sitting.

By late afternoon Sunday when things were really winding down, I was fortunate to be at the table where some of the speakers congregated. I spent time here with Cyndi Ingle Howells, Liza Alzo, Paula Stuart-Warren, Kathryn Doyle, and Rhonda R. McClure. I hope I am not forgetting anyone. This was a treasure in itself!

My flight turned out to be the same time as Kathryn Dolye's so we took off to the airport together and chatted a bit while we had a snack and drink, seeing how we missed dinner...

The rest of Jamboree? Well, what happens at Jamboree, stays at Jamboree.  I appreciate you sharing a bit of my journey. 

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Jamboree 2013 - Sunday

On Sunday, our final day, I attended three more classes. The first two were all about Paula Stuart-Warren. As on all of the other days, I wanted to hear new people, new information. 

Paula's first class I attended was "Seeking your Comfort Zone as You Approach Different Repositories." Can I just say I went on information overload in this class! I wrote so many notes I hope I can decipher them. This is ON TOP of what was in the syllabus. Wow. Hope to use some of this information I learned in the very near future, and when I do I will share!

Emma Gastelum, Elyse Dorflinger, Amy Cotton

The second of Paula's classes I attended was "What next? Developing Step-by-Step Research Plans." I was so impressed with the first class of Paula's, I decided to attend another one, and it really didn't matter the subject of the class. Again, I took many more notes. After this class I was feeling I had to much information bouncing around in my brain, but wow, what great sessions! This reminded me that the last couple of Jamboree's I've attended, I've enjoyed the classes on Sunday the most. I was not disappointed this year.

The next class was after lunch, and some people were already heading home. I chose to sit in on Dr. James Ryan's class, "Strange and Unusual Sources for Irish Family History." Yes, I have primarily Scandinavian decent, but there is one line stemming from Ireland. I am not working with this specific line at the moment, but I can always use new sources for when I am ready. I did take notes and received new links and ideas, so I was very happy.

After this class, I realized I was wearing out. I had already given up on taking photos, I didn't want to have to carry the camera around for another day. My brain was full.  I opted, for once, not to take a class and do some visiting instead. After all, the social aspect is just as important, right? 

I will have one final post about Jamboree, with a couple of pictures left to share. You will see this post hopefully within the week.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ Sollefteå

Used with permission. Photo taken by cousin Jan Lundberg. Sweden.

Jan states:

"Sollefteå. Ångermanälven winds beautifully through the small town. In the middle of town there is water..."

[Graninge (family area) belongs to Sollefteå.]

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Jamboree 2013 ~ Saturday

Well, Saturday came and I attended more classes! 

First on the list was D. Joshua Taylor ~ Preserving Digital Files. 

Another new speaker for me, I really looked forward to the session. Although I have taken other classes on preserving digital files, D. Josuha Taylor covered things that were new to me. Metadata, added a few new notes and Version Tracking was a whole new topic I had never thought about. I thought D. Josuha Taylor was a very knowledgeable speaker, and I know he is going to be rocking the genealogy world even more than he has already.

The next class I attended was Nancy E. Loe's class ~

Easy as Apple Pie ~ Using Macs for Genealogy.

Another new speaker, I loved it! Of course, I will attend any class referring to Mac's, but this is not to take anything away from Nancy. Nancy covered genealogy programs you can use on a Mac, iPad and iPhone apps for mobile genealogy. She also talked about image editing, security, backups, tips and tricks, etc. I kept making notes the whole time in this class, lots of information! 

Next was John Philip Colletta who spoke on ~

Your Immigrant Ancestors - How to discover Their True Stories

I will be honest, I have an ancestor who came to this country from Norway, and for the life of me I can't figure out why. I was hoping there just might be a little tidbit in this lecture that would make me think of something new. Nothing registered for me at the time of the class, but I will review the syllabus and my notes carefully, maybe something will come up. Another new speaker for me with lots of ideas for me to try with this Immigrant ancestor. Nice!

Next was lunch. Afterwards, time was spent in the vendor hall. poked around and checked things out. I was on a mission for one booth, Flip Pal! I never purchased a case for my Flip Pal, nor the covers to write on and make notes, so I was in the market! I bought a nice purple cover which reminded me of my purple Harley...but that is another story. I didn't even think about buying a protector for the glass, but wouldn't you know it someone else did and gave me one! Thank you again! My Flip Pal is set now!

After this I attended one more class on Saturday ~

Thomas McEntee ~ Staying Safe Online

Thomas with his conference wife, Lisa Alzo.
Love them both!

This session was streamed, you may have seen it. I am always looking for more information about anything online, so this was a no brainer for me, even though I have heard Thomas several times before. Thomas though is the genealogy Ninja, if there isn't a new to me speaker, or a subject near and dear to my heart you can count on one hand whose class I will be at, his is one of about 5 people whose classes I would always attend. What I loved about this class was there were so many interesting links he gave us as well as many reminders. I ALWAYS learn something new!

Truthfully, I need to go back to the syllabus and read the notes I took on all of the classes I attended. It was a world wind weekend, again, and I came home to another world wind week. Hence, the reason it has taken me so long to write my posts about Jamboree!

I didn't take a lot of photos of speakers today...but at least I took a few!

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Night Fun!

I haven't participated in Randy Seaver's ~ Genea-Musings ~ Saturday Night Genealogy Fun in quite awhile so I thought I would check it out for this weekend. Boy am I glad I did! Here it is ~

Your mission this week, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1)  If you have your family tree research in a Genealogy Management Program (GMP), whether a computer software program or an online family tree, figure out how to find how many persons, places, sources, etc. are in your database (hint:  the Help button is your friend!)

2)  Tell us which GMP you use, and how many persons, places, sources, etc. are in your database(s) today in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, or in a Facebook status or Google+ stream comment.

Because it is such an ever-stakingly slow process rebuilding my family tree, I think this is wonderful idea! If I post this information every so often maybe I will actually see my progress better. My free time is so rare... but here is where my tree is at right now:

I am using Family Tree Maker 2 on my MacBook Pro to rebuild my tree. I have had a lot to learn with the Mac since I bought it, this being my first Mac product. It has taken me about a year and a half to get this far and for the most part, I have been working on two lines. I stopped entering information to my old tree a couple years or so ago, so I am finding (not researching), seeing and learning a lot of new things from the information in my files that I am adding as I go along. 

Here are the statistics of my old tree when I stopped entering information ~

You can see a hugh difference, in several things. First and foremost, the amount of lines covered in the old tree is actually 7 lines. Maybe not much information on those lines, but basics. Seven lines because I have my four biological lines, my stepfather's line, my daughter's father's line and my husband's line. As I said, so far in the new tree I have been predominately working on two lines, a lot more information on those two lines wouldn't you say?

I am roughly 500 people and 22 sources from matching my old tree, with just a couple of lines entered at this point. You can compare the other differences yourself. I am really pleased with my new tree, in time I will be caught up. My tree now is so much better, the journey is definitely worth it.

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A Tiny Bit of Sweden ~ in California

I say a tiny bit because I am referring to my extended family! The cousin I have been in communication with for the past few years, his daughter, Rebecka, is actually in California!

I have known this was coming, and have tried to make plans to visit with her. It has not been easy, as she has been uncertain of her actual plans while here. I first understood she was to be in the Los Angeles area for a week or so, at a camp and then she would be in San Francisco for a bit also. But then, she didn't think the girls (there are three of them from Sweden) and her would be coming to San Francisco. I was so sad...

I tried to keep my hectic schedule open so I could go meet them but not knowing when they will be where and what days they will have free hasn't made it easy. If worst comes to worse, we will meet in Sweden later this year.

The girls have been in California a few days now. The translation I receive from her dad says "she seems to thrive in California. I have not heard anything else. :-)" 

She, just yesterday, told me they are coming to San Francisco, but I still don't know when. It should be before July 8, because if I understand correctly that is when the girls return home.

Rebecka, and the girls, came to California and met up with a friend who I believe is from San Francisco. This friend went to Sweden either last year or the year before, which is when they became friends. Now the three girls from Sweden that have come to visit her here. 

Midsummer in Sweden

The girls are at Vasa Park in Augoura Hills. Tomorrow will be the Swedish holiday "Midsummer Festival" there. The Swedish American Central Association of Los Angeles sponsor this event. I will be curious to see how the girls like the California version! You can see and read more at the website, just click on Vasa Park above.

Not knowing if this was a camp event or open to the public at the time, I didn't realize I probably could have planned to go down there and attend the festival. I was unaware of what the girls would be doing and if they would be available to meet me. I am pretty sure I could have done that, but to late now.

I am hoping they come to San Francisco and I am available to at least go take them to lunch or something! I have offered them to stay at my house however long they wish, but I think their schedule is pretty full. 

I just want to meet them! Wish me luck!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Jamboree 2013 ~ Friday

On Thursday evening, having completed registration, I was able to read more about the classes that were being offered opening day.

Generally, I have already chosen the classes I wish to attend. Once I get that almighty "pink sheet" though, every class is up for grabs all over again! Sometimes it is difficult choosing a class, there may be three or four classes you wish to attend that are all being offered at the same time! On rare occasions, for me anyway, does it seem that there isn't a class I wish to check out. 

This year, and I believe last year I felt this way also, I wanted go to classes of those I have never heard lecture before. So, the first class I chose was Cyndi Ingle Howell's lecture on "Finding the Silver Lining in the Cloud." 

Unfortunately, I was at an angle when taking this photo, please know, Cyndi's posting of this is NOT crooked! 

I didn't realize Cyndi gave lectures, so this was a exciting. I enjoyed her class very much, and I KNOW for a fact it changed some people's minds about the cloud! Great job Cyndi!

The next class I attended was Judy G. Russell's "The Ethical Genealogist." I love her intro photo!

I also loved how she presented her lecture! She has a wonderful sense of humor! It was a great pleasure to be in her class. This class was streamed, I hope many of you were able to tune it because it was great!

If you haven't attended a lecture by either of these fabulous women, I highly recommend that you do so if you have the opportunity! I will be attending future lectures you can count on it!

Loved their lectures, loved them! Thank you both!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jamboree 2013 ~ First Day ~ Rose Hills Memorial Park

On June 10 I posted Jamboree 2013 ~ First Day. This post brought you to the cemetery I went to visit, Rose Hills.

The Rose Hills sign has been a Los Angeles landmark since apparently sometime in the early 1940's. Rose Hills it's self was started in 1914. Originally the sign was at a much lower level, but now it sits at the top of one of the hills. It is supposedly a neon sign. The lights were turned of in the 1970's to save money but the FAA made sure the sign was lit again as airline pilots used the sign as a navigational point.

Here is a photo of the entrance to gate 17. There are at least 20 gates to this cemetery.

Here are a couple of photos taken from the top of one of the hills. It is a shame it was so foggy, from here I could actually see Los Angeles and it's tall buildings in the back ground, which is difficult to see in this photo.

Another view from off to the other side.

Here is one of the Rose Gardens.

I was given a little booklet about the cemetery. It is full of information! For instance, there is an area where the earliest burials are, some of Whittier's pioneers are buried there.

There are many "lawns," such as the Sunset, Rose and Sierra lawns.  Some of these "lawns are dedicated for religous, ethnic and fraternal groups. There are several mausoleums, chapels, and gardens. There is "Carousel Babyland"(for children and infants), a "World War 1 Memorial," and a "Justice for Homicide Victims Kiosk." 

There is a 2 acre lake at the Japanese garden called "Lake of the Roses." They have an "Arch of Freedom Memorial," a Galleria, and a Flower Shop. 

"Gravity Hill" is an optical illusion. This area leaves you feeling that your car is facing uphill, even though it isn't.

"Sycamore Lake," which is 1.25 acres, is located at a very innovated area. There is a beautiful waterfall into the lake and on the sides of the footbridge there is a dedicated area for cremated remains.

Rose Hill Memorial Park has 1,430 acres with 717 developed. There are 27 miles of paved roads and more than 550 employees. Of course, I didn't see the whole thing (not even close), but was very pleased to see and take pictures of the headstones I recently learned about. Maybe, one day I can spend the day there, just going and looking around all of the grounds, find the lakes and waterfalls, etc.

But for now, I thank the Webb's again for being the great friends they are and taking me to this amazing place! 

Here is the link to the website ~ 

Rose Hill Memorial Park and Mortuary

Finally, on our way out we see...this beautiful deer...

Eating the floral arrangements!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Jamboree 2013

Jamboree 2013. Burbank. Cheryl Palmer. California. 

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Jamboree 2013 ~ The First Day

This was the fifth year I have attended SCGS'S Genealogy Jamboree. I am not sure if I go to learn something new, to meet new people or to hang out with the ones I have already met. 

 Really it is a combination of each of these things!

A few of my beads, pins and things from prior Jamboree's. 
2010. Cheryl Palmer, California.

This year was the first time I have flown to Burbank. What a pleasure! Not that I mind driving, I don't. There wasn't anyone this time who "needed" someone to drive with so I choose to fly and stay at the Marriott Hotel. 

So convenient. The hotel is right next to the airport. The ability to drop things off in my room and pick them back up at a moments notice was great, even though I already experienced this luxury during previous years as Gini Webb has always let me use their room whenever needed. This time however, I didn't have to bother them.

Because I was attending Jamboree, another "mission" developed for me. A couple of weeks ago I happened upon "new cousins" and found a couple of these cousins were deceased and buried not to far from the Marriott. 

Of course this would be the first year I didn't have my car! 

I printed information from the cemetery site, including the actual locations of the plots I wanted to view. I also pre-printed directions from the hotel to the cemetery. One way or another I was very determined to get to this cemetery even if I needed to rent a car and miss Jamboree for a day.

I was majorly blessed to have Gini Webb, her husband Steve and granddaughter Emma, to get me there. Considering they drove a couple hours already getting to the Marriott, I felt bad asking them to drive me to Whittier, and told them I could rent a car, but they insisted on taking me. 

The Google directions stated it was only 33 minutes to Rose Hill Cemetery, so I felt we could do this quickly, within a couple hours, no problem! Initially, I planned for a Friday morning trip before Jamboree officially started. Plans changed though and the next thing we knew we were headed there Thursday afternoon, soon after our arrivals.

I tried to be very prepared to make it easy for us to get there, but traffic NEVER crossed my mind! Geez, how could I forget L.A. traffic? It took more than an hour to get there. I kept an eye on Steve, hoping he wouldn't turn around and go back to the Marriott, or do something much me! I know this tested his patience, but he handled it well, at least in my presence. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you Steve!

Finally, we arrived at the main gate and I was able to take a couple of photos of the entrance to the cemetery. I inquired about a map, thankfully, as Rose Hill Cemetery turns out to be the largest single location cemetery in the world!

2013.Cheryl Palmer. California.

I will share more on Rose Hills Cemetery in my next post!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ Jamboree Lanyards, 2009 & 2010

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Photos for Jamboree 2013

Looks like this year has turned into a photo kind of year, which actually was not part of my plan for the year. Besides the hundreds of digital pictures I am labeling, I started another project, like I had nothing else to do, right?

It's Jamboree's fault. After the surprise wore off when I was reminded Jamboree is already next week, I decided I had better prepare for the trip.

One of the things I needed to do was get together photos and/or documents to take advantage of the FREE Ancestry scanning being offered. I have used this wonderful service before at Jamboree and definitely plan to use it this year, I am so happy they are offering it again.

You can sign up for one 15 minute session of scanning, if you sign up early before it gets booked. Who wouldn't want to use this service in this day and age, sign up to have your items scanned with high comp machines by If for no other reason, this is a major time saver for me! If you have older, fragile items scanned, you may only get 25 items scanned in that 15 minutes. But, if you have new photos in good condition, you could get 50 or items scanned. This is my goal. Get as much scanned as possible!

A couple of years ago I scanned almost a 1000 items myself. Along with using Ancestry's scanning service a couple of times before, most of my ancestral items are scanned. I have one large pile to file which may have items that need to be scanned, I will go through those within the next couple of days. I believe I have a small group of photos that are oversized in this pile to be scanned, so I will naturally take those items before any others. Once I go through the pile I may find there is more in there than I remember that still needs scanning. If that is the in case, my scanning pile for Ancestry may come from there. 

If I need to add more to the scan pile, where will my focus for the scanning come from this year? Well, I FINALLY pulled out my oldest and largest magnetic photo album and removed the photos from it yesterday. This photo album started in 1978 and included somewhere between 500-600 (my estimate) photos. This album was loosing it's pages, half of the pages had separated from the book.

It took almost three hours to pull the photos, number, label and write information about them. Of course, this was a large photo album. My husband has magnetic photo albums also. I haven't counted how many of them we have between the two of us but I know this will be a major project.

Since the first time I became aware magnetic albums are not good for your photos, I have been wanting to remove all of mine. I must say, I was surprised when some of the backs of the photos actually ripped a bit and how much some of the photos had aged. The pages themselves were yellowing, especially were the magnetic areas where that were not covered by a photo. 

I taped the paper on the backs that ripped a bit, they will be less of a hazard when scanning. Some photos I actually threw away, I either didn't know the person in them, the photo was blurred and or the photo didn't really serve a purpose in keeping it. I should go through these photos again and really pick and choose those I want to keep. I am sure I could get rid of much more than the 10-20 I first threw away. At the time, while removing these photos though, my focus was to get the photos removed and logged.

Have you removed your photos from those magnetic albums yet? I am happy I have finally started mine. If you haven't removed yours I highly suggest you take a look at those photos so you can see the shape they are in, and remove them ASAP!

*****As I finished this post, it dawned on me that I have a fabric bag that zips close full of items to be scanned that has already been pulled from my large pile to file. Drats, now I think those items will be going to Jamboree. Guess I am off to check THAT out now. Oh well, still have to remove those photos, and will continue to do so. It is still very important!

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