Photos for Jamboree 2013

Looks like this year has turned into a photo kind of year, which actually was not part of my plan for the year. Besides the hundreds of digital pictures I am labeling, I started another project, like I had nothing else to do, right?

It's Jamboree's fault. After the surprise wore off when I was reminded Jamboree is already next week, I decided I had better prepare for the trip.

One of the things I needed to do was get together photos and/or documents to take advantage of the FREE Ancestry scanning being offered. I have used this wonderful service before at Jamboree and definitely plan to use it this year, I am so happy they are offering it again.

You can sign up for one 15 minute session of scanning, if you sign up early before it gets booked. Who wouldn't want to use this service in this day and age, sign up to have your items scanned with high comp machines by If for no other reason, this is a major time saver for me! If you have older, fragile items scanned, you may only get 25 items scanned in that 15 minutes. But, if you have new photos in good condition, you could get 50 or items scanned. This is my goal. Get as much scanned as possible!

A couple of years ago I scanned almost a 1000 items myself. Along with using Ancestry's scanning service a couple of times before, most of my ancestral items are scanned. I have one large pile to file which may have items that need to be scanned, I will go through those within the next couple of days. I believe I have a small group of photos that are oversized in this pile to be scanned, so I will naturally take those items before any others. Once I go through the pile I may find there is more in there than I remember that still needs scanning. If that is the in case, my scanning pile for Ancestry may come from there. 

If I need to add more to the scan pile, where will my focus for the scanning come from this year? Well, I FINALLY pulled out my oldest and largest magnetic photo album and removed the photos from it yesterday. This photo album started in 1978 and included somewhere between 500-600 (my estimate) photos. This album was loosing it's pages, half of the pages had separated from the book.

It took almost three hours to pull the photos, number, label and write information about them. Of course, this was a large photo album. My husband has magnetic photo albums also. I haven't counted how many of them we have between the two of us but I know this will be a major project.

Since the first time I became aware magnetic albums are not good for your photos, I have been wanting to remove all of mine. I must say, I was surprised when some of the backs of the photos actually ripped a bit and how much some of the photos had aged. The pages themselves were yellowing, especially were the magnetic areas where that were not covered by a photo. 

I taped the paper on the backs that ripped a bit, they will be less of a hazard when scanning. Some photos I actually threw away, I either didn't know the person in them, the photo was blurred and or the photo didn't really serve a purpose in keeping it. I should go through these photos again and really pick and choose those I want to keep. I am sure I could get rid of much more than the 10-20 I first threw away. At the time, while removing these photos though, my focus was to get the photos removed and logged.

Have you removed your photos from those magnetic albums yet? I am happy I have finally started mine. If you haven't removed yours I highly suggest you take a look at those photos so you can see the shape they are in, and remove them ASAP!

*****As I finished this post, it dawned on me that I have a fabric bag that zips close full of items to be scanned that has already been pulled from my large pile to file. Drats, now I think those items will be going to Jamboree. Guess I am off to check THAT out now. Oh well, still have to remove those photos, and will continue to do so. It is still very important!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 


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  1. Doing the same and I am all signed up for my scanning time too. It did come up on us quick . . . looking forward to being there and seeing ya.


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