Jamboree 2013 - Sunday

On Sunday, our final day, I attended three more classes. The first two were all about Paula Stuart-Warren. As on all of the other days, I wanted to hear new people, new information. 

Paula's first class I attended was "Seeking your Comfort Zone as You Approach Different Repositories." Can I just say I went on information overload in this class! I wrote so many notes I hope I can decipher them. This is ON TOP of what was in the syllabus. Wow. Hope to use some of this information I learned in the very near future, and when I do I will share!

Emma Gastelum, Elyse Dorflinger, Amy Cotton

The second of Paula's classes I attended was "What next? Developing Step-by-Step Research Plans." I was so impressed with the first class of Paula's, I decided to attend another one, and it really didn't matter the subject of the class. Again, I took many more notes. After this class I was feeling I had to much information bouncing around in my brain, but wow, what great sessions! This reminded me that the last couple of Jamboree's I've attended, I've enjoyed the classes on Sunday the most. I was not disappointed this year.

The next class was after lunch, and some people were already heading home. I chose to sit in on Dr. James Ryan's class, "Strange and Unusual Sources for Irish Family History." Yes, I have primarily Scandinavian decent, but there is one line stemming from Ireland. I am not working with this specific line at the moment, but I can always use new sources for when I am ready. I did take notes and received new links and ideas, so I was very happy.

After this class, I realized I was wearing out. I had already given up on taking photos, I didn't want to have to carry the camera around for another day. My brain was full.  I opted, for once, not to take a class and do some visiting instead. After all, the social aspect is just as important, right? 

I will have one final post about Jamboree, with a couple of pictures left to share. You will see this post hopefully within the week.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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