Jamboree 2013 ~ Saturday

Well, Saturday came and I attended more classes! 

First on the list was D. Joshua Taylor ~ Preserving Digital Files. 

Another new speaker for me, I really looked forward to the session. Although I have taken other classes on preserving digital files, D. Josuha Taylor covered things that were new to me. Metadata, added a few new notes and Version Tracking was a whole new topic I had never thought about. I thought D. Josuha Taylor was a very knowledgeable speaker, and I know he is going to be rocking the genealogy world even more than he has already.

The next class I attended was Nancy E. Loe's class ~

Easy as Apple Pie ~ Using Macs for Genealogy.

Another new speaker, I loved it! Of course, I will attend any class referring to Mac's, but this is not to take anything away from Nancy. Nancy covered genealogy programs you can use on a Mac, iPad and iPhone apps for mobile genealogy. She also talked about image editing, security, backups, tips and tricks, etc. I kept making notes the whole time in this class, lots of information! 

Next was John Philip Colletta who spoke on ~

Your Immigrant Ancestors - How to discover Their True Stories

I will be honest, I have an ancestor who came to this country from Norway, and for the life of me I can't figure out why. I was hoping there just might be a little tidbit in this lecture that would make me think of something new. Nothing registered for me at the time of the class, but I will review the syllabus and my notes carefully, maybe something will come up. Another new speaker for me with lots of ideas for me to try with this Immigrant ancestor. Nice!

Next was lunch. Afterwards, time was spent in the vendor hall. poked around and checked things out. I was on a mission for one booth, Flip Pal! I never purchased a case for my Flip Pal, nor the covers to write on and make notes, so I was in the market! I bought a nice purple cover which reminded me of my purple Harley...but that is another story. I didn't even think about buying a protector for the glass, but wouldn't you know it someone else did and gave me one! Thank you again! My Flip Pal is set now!

After this I attended one more class on Saturday ~

Thomas McEntee ~ Staying Safe Online

Thomas with his conference wife, Lisa Alzo.
Love them both!

This session was streamed, you may have seen it. I am always looking for more information about anything online, so this was a no brainer for me, even though I have heard Thomas several times before. Thomas though is the genealogy Ninja, if there isn't a new to me speaker, or a subject near and dear to my heart you can count on one hand whose class I will be at, his is one of about 5 people whose classes I would always attend. What I loved about this class was there were so many interesting links he gave us as well as many reminders. I ALWAYS learn something new!

Truthfully, I need to go back to the syllabus and read the notes I took on all of the classes I attended. It was a world wind weekend, again, and I came home to another world wind week. Hence, the reason it has taken me so long to write my posts about Jamboree!

I didn't take a lot of photos of speakers today...but at least I took a few!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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