Jamboree 2013 ~ The First Day

This was the fifth year I have attended SCGS'S Genealogy Jamboree. I am not sure if I go to learn something new, to meet new people or to hang out with the ones I have already met. 

 Really it is a combination of each of these things!

A few of my beads, pins and things from prior Jamboree's. 
2010. Cheryl Palmer, California.

This year was the first time I have flown to Burbank. What a pleasure! Not that I mind driving, I don't. There wasn't anyone this time who "needed" someone to drive with so I choose to fly and stay at the Marriott Hotel. 

So convenient. The hotel is right next to the airport. The ability to drop things off in my room and pick them back up at a moments notice was great, even though I already experienced this luxury during previous years as Gini Webb has always let me use their room whenever needed. This time however, I didn't have to bother them.

Because I was attending Jamboree, another "mission" developed for me. A couple of weeks ago I happened upon "new cousins" and found a couple of these cousins were deceased and buried not to far from the Marriott. 

Of course this would be the first year I didn't have my car! 

I printed information from the cemetery site, including the actual locations of the plots I wanted to view. I also pre-printed directions from the hotel to the cemetery. One way or another I was very determined to get to this cemetery even if I needed to rent a car and miss Jamboree for a day.

I was majorly blessed to have Gini Webb, her husband Steve and granddaughter Emma, to get me there. Considering they drove a couple hours already getting to the Marriott, I felt bad asking them to drive me to Whittier, and told them I could rent a car, but they insisted on taking me. 

The Google directions stated it was only 33 minutes to Rose Hill Cemetery, so I felt we could do this quickly, within a couple hours, no problem! Initially, I planned for a Friday morning trip before Jamboree officially started. Plans changed though and the next thing we knew we were headed there Thursday afternoon, soon after our arrivals.

I tried to be very prepared to make it easy for us to get there, but traffic NEVER crossed my mind! Geez, how could I forget L.A. traffic? It took more than an hour to get there. I kept an eye on Steve, hoping he wouldn't turn around and go back to the Marriott, or do something much worse...to me! I know this tested his patience, but he handled it well, at least in my presence. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you Steve!

Finally, we arrived at the main gate and I was able to take a couple of photos of the entrance to the cemetery. I inquired about a map, thankfully, as Rose Hill Cemetery turns out to be the largest single location cemetery in the world!

2013.Cheryl Palmer. California.

I will share more on Rose Hills Cemetery in my next post!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

 Copyright © 2013 Cheryl Palmer All Rights Reserved


  1. It was so good to see you and you are NEVER a bother, you can store all of your stuff in my room anytime!

    I do think Steve did well with the traffic (usually more choice words but he did very well) and he didn't mind driving us there. I was just amazed at how large and how beautiful Rose Hill Cemetery was . . . had we not taken you there, Cheryl, we would have never been able to experience such a peaceful, beautiful and vast cemetery . . . thank you for that experience. Jamboree was great and we enjoyed it with you.

  2. Your post had an added twist about your Jamboree visit. I enjoyed reading about how well you planned the cemetery visit...the traffic like weather can be a unplanned nuisance. Sounds like the room and mode of travel were a perfect match. Also, what a blessing to have Gini and her husband there to show their friendship by helping you out, they sound like a caring, super neat couple.


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