Jamboree 2013 ~ My Final Post

Cheryl Palmer and Lisa Alzo

My over all view of Jamboree was nothing but pleasure. Yes, the attendance was down, due to the NGS's event in Las Vegas prior to Jamboree. I understand many people needed to choose which conference to attend. SDGS understands this also. After all, how often does California have a National Genealogy Conference? 

I was booked to attend in Las Vegas and was excited about going, but when my husband said we were invited on an Alaskan cruise during that time, I couldn't disappoint and not go. I love traveling, and sometimes life is a give and take situation, I missed Vegas.

But getting back to Jamboree 2013, even though the count was down this year, I really enjoyed it! Rooms were not crowded and I didn't get turned away from any classes due to being full.  Next year will inevitably be very crowded again, I know, and I will be prepared for that.

Elena Jacobson and Patricia Stanard

I enjoyed all of the classes I attended and all of the socializing that goes along with Jamboree. Some people were pretty tied up most of the time, but they were working and I understand. Many people I missed chatting with, and I missed those people who didn't attend this year.

I missed the official blogger photo again this year, I think I missed it last year also. But, I did make it to the California Genealogical Society and Library photo shoot. I am hidden in the back, just how I like it.

Permission to use photo given by Kathryn Doyle

Photo originally posted at the California Genealogical Society and Library Blog and names of who are in the photo are listed below, as shown on their post.

L. to R. Nicka Smith, Lavinia Schwarz, Diana Edwards, Susi Pentico, Vicky Kolakowski, Gene Pennington, Kim Cotton, Denise Richmond (front), Nancy Schlegel, Janice Brandt, Cheryl Palmer, Linda Darby, Karl Weiler, Mary Mettler, Kathryn Doyle, and Jim Sorenson.

I enjoyed social time in the "blogger lounge area." I did get one photo ~ Actually someone took the photo for us, was it someone from the hotel? Maybe a comment will be made letting me know who took this photo. It was taken with my camera...

Randy Seaver, Thomas MacEntee, Elyse Doeflinger, Mike Savoca, Patricia Stanard, Elena Jacobson, Gini Webb, Cheryl Palmer, sitting and Emma Gastelum, also sitting.

By late afternoon Sunday when things were really winding down, I was fortunate to be at the table where some of the speakers congregated. I spent time here with Cyndi Ingle Howells, Liza Alzo, Paula Stuart-Warren, Kathryn Doyle, and Rhonda R. McClure. I hope I am not forgetting anyone. This was a treasure in itself!

My flight turned out to be the same time as Kathryn Dolye's so we took off to the airport together and chatted a bit while we had a snack and drink, seeing how we missed dinner...

The rest of Jamboree? Well, what happens at Jamboree, stays at Jamboree.  I appreciate you sharing a bit of my journey. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Cheryl, I enjoyed your reports and photos, but missed seeing an updated one of David and you...maybe next year.

  2. Hi Barbara,

    Actually David and I saw each other in passing very quickly, gave each other a hug and that was it. Jamboree is always jumping! I was happy to at least say hi to him though.


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