Jamboree 2013 ~ Friday

On Thursday evening, having completed registration, I was able to read more about the classes that were being offered opening day.

Generally, I have already chosen the classes I wish to attend. Once I get that almighty "pink sheet" though, every class is up for grabs all over again! Sometimes it is difficult choosing a class, there may be three or four classes you wish to attend that are all being offered at the same time! On rare occasions, for me anyway, does it seem that there isn't a class I wish to check out. 

This year, and I believe last year I felt this way also, I wanted go to classes of those I have never heard lecture before. So, the first class I chose was Cyndi Ingle Howell's lecture on "Finding the Silver Lining in the Cloud." 

Unfortunately, I was at an angle when taking this photo, please know, Cyndi's posting of this is NOT crooked! 

I didn't realize Cyndi gave lectures, so this was a exciting. I enjoyed her class very much, and I KNOW for a fact it changed some people's minds about the cloud! Great job Cyndi!

The next class I attended was Judy G. Russell's "The Ethical Genealogist." I love her intro photo!

I also loved how she presented her lecture! She has a wonderful sense of humor! It was a great pleasure to be in her class. This class was streamed, I hope many of you were able to tune it because it was great!

If you haven't attended a lecture by either of these fabulous women, I highly recommend that you do so if you have the opportunity! I will be attending future lectures you can count on it!

Loved their lectures, loved them! Thank you both!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Great post . . . those were the two classes I enjoyed the most!

  2. Thanks Gini, these were two of my favorites for sure!


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