Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Flag

Flag. May 10, 2009. Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Hayward, California. Digital Image. Held by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Arlington National Cemetery

I was looking to see what pictures I had that maybe I wanted to write about and post for Tombstone Tuesday when I ran across this photo taken at Arlington National Cemetery when I was there in October 2007. When I saw this picture, I just froze. I knew I had to use it for this post.

Why this affected me this way, this time, I am not really sure. There are probably a few reasons. Number one, it was never planned that we would be anywhere near this cemetery, but there we were. Number two, I am probably a little sentimental regarding our soldiers. There are people I know who are in the service that are or may be headed to the war. Number three, I just read an updated article regarding the Blue Star Mom's group that my Harley Chapter supports.

So because of my thoughts for our soldiers now, and prior, who have fought for our country and those who will fight for our country in the future, I am grateful. My prayers go out to you all. I know it isn't Memorial Day or anything, however for personal reasons I choose to reflect on those past, those present and those who will be. Thank you all for your service! May you stay safe, bless you.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

So Ca Jamboree 2009 ~ Post 6

Wow, my apologies! It has taken so long for me to get all of the pictures and postings done from this fabulous event! The bad news is that I have been so very busy (sometimes life gets in the way) and haven't had time to post as I would have liked. The good news is because of my lack of posts I have kept the memories in my mind much longer and more frequently about Jamboree!

The last day of Jamboree started at a breakfast which was hosted by Family Tree Maker. There were, I believe, nine of us at the breakfast. The breakfast was absolutely wonderful, with way to much food. To bad I wasn't really awake enough to even think of taking a picture!

After breakfast, we were treated to first class info on the new Family Tree Maker 2010, which is not an upgrade, you need to buy this version. I have been a faithful Family Tree Maker customer over the years, but not sure I want to buy another new version just yet. Randy Seaver at Randy's Musings, has covered the information of this new version and the breakfast on his blog (yes, he was at the same breakfast) in detail, as he does with several programs. I left this breakfast meeting feeling that FTM 2010 was a good thing, but that there weren't enough upgrades to make me want to purchase the newest version at this time.

I am more apt to download RootsMagic and give it a try this year. Part of the wonderful "welcome bag" for the bloggers included a special gift from Bruce Buzbee, RootsMagic 4! I am excited to try it! I attended a RootsMagic Demo class given by Bruce, which was very interesting, and gave me the added "gun ho" to want to try it.
After an hour and a half of breakfast and Family Tree Maker 2010 info, I was off to my first class of the day, "Tracing Ancestors Who Lived in Cities." This class was taught by Arlene Eakle. I have never heard her lecture before and I just have to say, so glad I made this class! I didn't want it to be over and sorry I missed her other lecture. What a dynamo!
I mentioned already that I attended Bruce Buzbee's RootsMagic 4 Demo, this was right after Arlene Eakle's class. I look forward to downloading and exploring this program. I will report back on this when I finally get the chance to play. Thanks Bruce for everything, the program and the class! I had planned to attend his class even before I received the program as I was interested in it already. To actually receive the program also, was such a shock and added surprise!
Next was lunch, and I had the honor of a luncheon date with an online classmate from about 3 years ago, through Family Tree Maker. We have a group who still stays in touch from this class in an online forum. Actually, someone else was in attendance at Jamboree who is also in our group, Steve Danko. He was, of course, also invited to lunch with us, but understandably, he needed to prepare for his lecture which was right after lunch. We did however get a photo or two of all of us. I had met Steve before, a few times, but Diane hadn't so it was to bad he wasn't able to come to lunch.

I was rushing to meet Dianne Arnold for lunch and as I passed the "blogger lounge" I heard people calling me to come over. I felt so bad because I couldn't, and was in a hurry. It took Dianne and I three years to meet and we had maybe an hour to visit over lunch. I know the bloggers group were going to sign into Miriam's "Scanfest" and say hi. I would have liked to be a part of that also, but I did have my first commitment. Diane and I had a wonderful lunch and great time together. So glad we have finally met! There have been others from our group who have met each other but this was the first time three of us were together at once.

Dianne, I thank you for a great lunch together and so happy to finally have met you!

My final class for the day, I attended Lisa Louise Cooke's "Google-A Goldmine of Genealogy Gems ll." I wanted to attend the first part also, but the RootsMagic Demo interrupted that. I had been in attendance to one of Lisa's presentations before, so opted to listen to Bruce and catch Lisa's second presentation. She didn't disappoint me either! More to learn, always more to learn! She had a super packed attendance, two rooms opened to one and standing room only.

This day was by far the best "complete" day of classes I attended, either by speakers I wanted to hear and or subject matter that interested me. But, it was the final day. Bummer, although how else would you want to end the weekend at Jamboree, making me want for more! Can not wait until next year!

Again, I want to thank EVERYBODY, and everybody AGAIN! It was SO WONDERFUL to meet all the new people I met! Such a wonderful group of genealogists. Everything, in every way, was very special to me, so if you were involved at all, I thank you.
One thing I do regret, is that I didn't make time to lounge in the "bloggers lounge." :-( I was to busy worried about classes and speakers. I enjoyed that, but I should have taken an hour or two just to veg with the genea-bloggers. My mistake, that won't happen again! I would have loved to spend "quality" time with those I didn't get to. Next year. Next year if I am still around and blogging, you bet I will be in the "genea-bloggers lounge," so watch out!

I also look forward to the next genea-bloggers dinner. It was indescribable! I was so busy taking pictures though, that I didn't get around to visit as much as I would have liked. What an awesome time that dinner was! Speaking of which, I did want to share one of the dinners with you all and have one question, ok, maybe two questions:

Number one-Does this make you hungry? Number two-Don't you think there should be more broccoli?
Last but not least, I would like to thank Sheri Fenley for keeping me company on the ride down and back, for sharing a room with me, teaching me a thing or two and over all being a great person to hang with! I don't think we could have found much better roomies for each other, I think we did well together, and I sure enjoyed it!
Ok, one more photo before I finally give up the Jamboree posts. Oh darn, again we will make it two.

I do have this photo of footnoteMaven, along with Randy Seaver and Elizabeth O Neil. Here you can't see fM (I DO have a picture of her where you can actually see her, but I won't post that one unless and until she approves that) but you can tell the following picture isn't her again. So who is this person behind the scenes?

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

So Ca Jamboree 2009 ~ Post 5

It is time to share some pictures with you from the Genea-Bloggers dinner at Jamboree in Burbank.

Have you noticed on any of the pictures I have previously posted that many of us are wearing Mardi Gras beads? I may have mentioned this, if I have please excuse me for repeating it. Thomas MacEntee brought all of us Genea-Bloggers Mardi Gras beads! I HAVE to tell Thomas what a wonderful idea this was! Not only could others at Jamboree recognize the bloggers, but the bloggers could recognize the other bloggers, which helped with recognizing and meeting each other. Of course, Thomas had the largest bead necklace! After all he is "Head Genea-Blogger!" The California bloggers received the beads which had Palm Trees on them, and the other necklaces which had berry looking beads, went to the other bloggers. So, another recognition, where we were from, geographically. Well, for some of us anyway.

Here is Steve Danko and Drew Smith, who sat across from me at dinner, enjoying a few funnies from Thomas. Why wasn't I tape recording, or video recording this one, huh?

Elizabeth O'Neal and Dick Eastman sat immediately to my left during dinner. I will never forget Dick's picture he shared with our table that was on his phone. I tried to take a photo of it, but the picture came out blurry. Photos on phones at Jamboree, stay photos on phones at Jamboree! Maybe one day Dick will tell!

Here is Elyse Doerflinger, Gini Webb and her husband Steve. Steve was wonderful as he drove Elyse back and forth from where she was staying. I am sure Gini and Elyse were able to get to know each other much better in "transportation" mode. A grand applause to Steve for doing this, and to Gini for making it happen for Elyse!

Here is Illya D'Addezio as he was getting up from the table and leaving, two rows behind my table.

From left around the table, here we have, Amy Coffin, Elyse Doerflinger, Gini Webb, Steve Webb, a hidden "new" blogger, Schelley Talalay Dardashti, and Lisa Cooke. This was the table behind mine.

And, at a most important table to the left of mine, was none other than Randy Seaver and his wife, Linda. My apologies here, as I don't know who the gentleman on the right is? I KNOW I am going to be so very embarrassed when I find out who this is...Would someone please fill me in?

Also, at the table behind me was Susan Kitchens and "Mr. Genea-Blogger" himself, Thomas MacEntee.

And, last but not least, Gini Webb and myself. We were looking forward to meeting each other, we have so much in common!

These are just a few of the photos I took (or as in the last case-someone else, maybe Steve, I think?) at the dinner. I have more photos that I will see if I can get into a post maybe next time. Can you tell by these pictures how much fun we were having??????

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Drew Smith, Thomas MacEntee, George Morgan, and Kathryn Doyle. SoCa Jamboree Burbank, California. June 27, 2009. Digital Image. held by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009

GenealogyWise Officially Announced

I just read over at DearMyrtle's blog that the official announcement has been made on GenealogyWise. Her post is here.

I have to admit that when this new site came about my first reaction was, "Oh, no, another site I have to sign up for and follow?" Time is very limited indeed. However it only took me a day or two, and I took the plunge, if nothing else, I would have a presence there and can see what it is all about.

In no time at all there were tons of people signed up on GenealogyWise and these people were requesting friends like there was no tomorrow. Without even trying, I was asked to joined groups, and before I knew it, I was a participating member, whether I wanted to be or not. This site has been growing so rapidly, and at this stage, I have no plans of turning back!

Following this site is a great way to find others researching your surname and to have the "genealogy camaraderie" that is all it's own. Family Link is the master behind this website where we can communicate with individuals who are on our same genealogy page. It is worth trying to make family connections from anywhere in the world. I have heard people were making connections the first and second days!

In the first few days, a few thousand individuals joined GenealogyWise and added info, and photos. You can add a family tree and videos also. With email and groups you can stay in contact with others easily.

People have been spending hours at a time exploring the website and finding some of the most interesting things. I have personally explored the site a few times, but haven't had the time to add information to it myself or check for a few groups I have in mind. If you haven't joined GenealogyWise, I suggest you check it out! It is the newest, hottest and FREE website! Don't want you left out if you haven't heard about it, or have any kind of hesitancy!

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

So Ca Jamboree 2009 ~ Post 4

Saturday's "Summit 2 : Son of A Blogger" ended at noon. Just in time to have some lunch. Gini Webb, of "Ginisology," and I tried to plan some time to spend together on this day as it was the only day she would be attending the Jamboree. Lunch didn't pan out between her and I, but I lunched with the company of Craig Manson and Randy Seaver. We ate outside and it was a wonderful lunch with wonderful people!

I headed to Steve Danko's class "Genealogy and the Changing Map of Eastern Europe." Steve gave me insight to things I didn't think I even wanted to know! I enjoyed his lecture and even heard later he was surprised to see me in his class. I hope I didn't make him to nervous, that wasn't my intention! I was there to support him! Steve an I met a few years ago in an online class and have been in contact with each other since then, a group of us from the class still stay in touch at our class site. Steve did an awesome job, I was so happy to hear him give a lecture and be there to support him! (Not that he needs any support!)

Prior to heading to the next class I wanted to attend, I went through the vendor area and spoke with Janet Hovorka at her "Generation Maps" table. She had so very kindly donated a certificate to the Genea-bloggers "welcome bag." I had given her my ancestors tree on a memory stick earlier and wanted to find out how much it would cost to get a tree printed. When I went back for the price, I found out that my tree had been prioritized so she couldn't see everyone. This had me running to my car clear across the parking lot, in the heat, for the laptop to find out why. I hadn't prioritized my tree that I could remember! Back to her booth, tried to pull up my tree, but it took forever!!!! So, I told her I would be back after the next class.

I was late entering DearMyrtle's class,"7 Habits of Highly Effective Genealogists." Here I enter, she is already speaking, I have my laptop open and trying to boot up. Again, I was suppose to hook up with Gini Webb. I see her and the seats were taken by her, but there was a chair available in front of her. Now I had to interrupt these poor people, I traipsed over them with my laptop and sweat to get to the seat. I am sure they wanted to throw me out! I wouldn't have blamed them either! By this time I had been perspiring like a pig, ok down right sweating! And then, being squished in the middle of people, I felt so uncomfortable, I was waiting for one of my neighbors to ask when I had showered last.

The class? I missed most of it, even though I was in attendance. The laptop was a pain, I spent most of the time in this class getting it to boot up and then bring up my family tree, only to find it hadn't been prioritized at all! Now what? Well, the memory stick I had (which was Sheri Fenley's) I had given to Craig Manson to borrow to download his tree on. Not knowing what Sheri had on the stick and being in a hurry we had deleted my info for his. Now I had to delete his and put mine back on. Ok, so off to try this again, and low and behold, that is where my tree got prioritized the first time, during the download! This time I made sure it wasn't prioritized. I did catch the last 20 minutes or so of this class, and bits and pieces in between. Enough to get some notes and get the idea of it all. I was glad when the class was over, I needed air! But, again, I didn't get to chat with Gini.

Ok, back to the Generation Maps table to drop the memory stick to Janet, again. On to the next class which was Christopher Child's class "Researching in New York." I know I took notes in this class, and I heard the lecture, but did I grasp anything? I am not so sure, I remember a few things he shared, but I think I spent most of the time here unwinding! Darn, it would have been so much better if I had absorbed more! Will have to look at my notes to see what I missed, if I actually noted anything...

Back to the Generation Maps table, and Janet was finally able to give me some info. She asked how many people I had in my tree. I told her, I knew. Then she told me what she saw. I thought, now how can that be? She gave me a printout of my direct line of ancestors, and I told her that was fine. Upon leaving, I wondered, now where did all my other people go? Eventually I did figure it all out, I did get my printout and I was glad the ordeal was over! I felt so bad for Janet and her husband, I wasted so much of their time with issues. They were so sweet and never complained, did my printout with a smile, it made it better I think as it was very small! Whew, something went right for them!

Fifteen minutes after the last class I took, there was a scheduled "Facebook and Twitter Meet", which Sheri and I opted to miss. I needed to get back to the room and get the sweat off me, where is the shower???? This evening was our dinner with the bloggers, I had to clean up! Next Post -"The Genea-Blogger Dinner."

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Those Places Thursday ~ High School

This is the high school my sisters and I all attended. I won't tell you the year I graduated however!

The last two years of High School, I only attended school two hours a day. The rest of the day I was off to a R.O.P. program (I do not recollect what the initials R.O.P. stood for... ___?____ occupational program), an off-site "occupational" schooling program. Sometimes because of this, I feel I missed a lot of my high school days and memories that could have been made. I just wasn't around much. If you look closely at this picture, you can see I actually included a squirrel posing on the curb, maybe ready to attend school?

This is the entrance of the school as it looks today. It was amazing when I went back to take these photos, how small the school seemed to me. When I was actually attending it seemed larger than life!

This is the gym, where basketball games and dances were held, among other things. You can see we were the "Rebels", and boy, did I ever want to rebel when I was that age! I missed many games and dances while in high school, mostly because I wasn't allowed to go to them. My mother was very strict. I do have great memories of other things, I hung around an older crowd for the most part. I have attended most of my high school reunions, always prepared for the fact that no one would remember me, because I really didn't spend much time on the school grounds. Each reunion has surprised me, more people remember me than I ever expected, almost amazing to me.

These photos were taken in March 2007 by me, in San Lorenzo, California. They are digital photos in my possession taken to add to my album of the history of my life.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another New Header!

Check out my new header from Deez at Graveyard Rabbit of South Alameda County! Now how much more perfect can that header be? I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks again Deez! I see there are a couple people interested in a new header themselves. I am giving Deez a heads up, so don't be surprised if you hear from him!

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Jamboree 2009

Jamboree, June 27, 2009. Burbank, California. Digital images. Held by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Genealogy "T.V."

Have you watched genealogy "T.V" interviews? Do you know what they are? Let me introduce a couple to you!

We have blogs, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and T.V. interviews! Yes, you can watch "T.V." on the internet. Dick Eastman is very well known for his interviews on Roots Television. The most recent that I have listened to of Dick's interviews, is the interview with DearMyrtle done at the SoCa Genealogy Jamboree. These interviews are very informative plus you get to "see" who is being interviewed, just like TV! Many people interviewed are those who have blogs and or those people involved in the genealogy world we don't tend to see in the spotlight, they are behind the scenes shall we say. Roots Television actually has a program guide too, so be sure to click on the link and check it out!

Lisa Louise Cooke from Genealogy Gems has a "TV" interview site, Genealogy Gems Video. Most recently, she also did interviews from the 2009 SoCa Genealogy Jamboree. I just listened to the interview she did with Randy Seaver, Randy's first video interview! (Nice job Randy!)

I am sure there will be more interviews from the Jamboree up and coming. Be sure to keep and eye on these "TV" channels to see more about Jamboree 2009, other conferences, and your favorite "stars' in the genealogy world! You will enjoy and learn a thing or two I am sure.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Finally, I Have A New Header!

I don't know how many times I have tried to make a new header for my blog, to no avail. I have SO much time you see, to play around with stuff I am so unfamiliar with. It really is unbelievable how much time I can waste trying to do things I have no idea how to do. Finding help aids online didn't seem to help me, nor did any of the sites that share ideas.

Last night I was catching up on reading blogs when I ran across "Flipside's" blog and her new header. Have you seen it? It is MARVELOUS! Upon reading the comments, I found myself jumping into this conversation, as the person who designed her header had offered to help others make a header if anyone needed it. Of course, that would be ME! Now, how fortunate am I to have a marvelous new header??

I met this person, Deez, who made my header, via online connections, as I stated earlier, through Flipside's blog. However, I feel I have known this friend for quite a long time. As a matter of fact, Deez lives in my general area to boot!

Deez has offered to do a header for anyone who may need or want one. If you are interested, please leave a comment and I can hook you up! Or, you can read "Cemetery Explorers" and leave a comment!

If you decide you would like a header made, just keep in mind that it may take some time to be done, so please be patient. I was fortunate, in that I believe I caught Deez on the last day of vacation? Back to work now, so time may be a little limited.

How nice is it that someone offers to do this? And, for free! I had thought about asking someone to do it for me, but I really hated to bother anyone when they have so much to do themselves. I am definetely NOT a computer geek, so I need more help than others!

If you don't need a new header, and/or are smart enough to do it yourself (I am sooooo jealous!), I still suggest you check out Cemetery Explorers, it is a great site, and yes it is a Graveyard Rabbit Site!

I thank you so very much Deez for your help in revamping my header, can I do the genealogy dance for a new header? If it is legal to do for a new header, you can just see me dancing away, right?

Oh, and did I say this is my 200th post? What a way to start towards the 300 mark! Thanks again Deez, you made my day!

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

SoCa Jamboree 2009 ~ Post 3

While most of the bloggers who attended the So Ca Jamboree have completed their posts regarding this wonderful adventure, I am lagging behind. I am however, finally posting my third post of the event.

I don't know how many times I picked classes I wanted to attend each day. I think every time I did, I chose a different version of events to attend. Did I tell you there were at least 100 classes offered this weekend? No wonder I couldn't make up my mind! Each morning would come, and my class choices would change again. Saturday morning my intentions were to attend Lisa Alzo's class "Write your Family History Step By Step." Unfortunately, this didn't happen as sleeping seemed to get in the way. Not only did I have a difficult time choosing classes, Saturday morning I had a difficult time attending classes!

One consistent choice I planned on attending was the "Summit 2: Son of a Blogger" event. My roomie (Sheri Fenley) and I, did make it to this event which was two and a half hours long. Armed with coffee, we found a seat.

Low and behold, there was Lisa Alzo sitting behind me at the bloggers summit! I didn't get her hear her presentation at class, but I did get to see her, and speak with her later.

Here you see Elizabeth O'Neil, Lisa Alzo and Amy Coffin

We have them all again along with the Perle Masta of geneabloggers and Facebook, Thomas MacEntee. It's picture time!

Along with Thomas and Elizabeth, Gini Webb,her husband Steve and Elyse Doerflinger were other bloggers who attended.

Looks like Randy Seaver was twittering away and footnoteMaven and Denise Levenick were blog talking.

Last but not least, here is Kathryn Doyle. Other geneabloggers who attended this session I apparently didn't get a picture of. Oh, but there are more geneabloggers in the room! Next post will unveil!

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Happy 4th of July!

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Those Places Thursday

Rental home. March 25, 2007. Hayward, California. Digital image. Privately held by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009

Here is another place I have lived. It was a rental home, and the owner lived in the house behind this one. When I lived at this location however, the home in the back was a small one level home. A wall between two bedrooms was knocked out so the master bedroom was hugh!

This is the first place since living on my own, that I owned dog. He was a gift from my boyfriend. My dog was an Eskimo Husky, which I named Levi. There was a park up the hill where I would walk to and play with Levi. I really couldn't let him run in the backyard as it was not fenced in. I will have to do some digging to find a photo of Levi, I must have one somewhere.

I remember painting the kitchen in this house, yellow. This was the first painting in a home outside of my parents house that I ever did. We had big parties here, the backyard was endless! I loved the front porch, wish I had one now. I would sit on top of the wall of the porch, water the lawn and watch cars go by. It was so peaceful.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ Jamboree 2009

Steve Danko. June 27, 2009. SoCa Jamboree Geneabloggers Dinner, Burbank, California. Digital Image. Privately held by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009