GenealogyWise Officially Announced

I just read over at DearMyrtle's blog that the official announcement has been made on GenealogyWise. Her post is here.

I have to admit that when this new site came about my first reaction was, "Oh, no, another site I have to sign up for and follow?" Time is very limited indeed. However it only took me a day or two, and I took the plunge, if nothing else, I would have a presence there and can see what it is all about.

In no time at all there were tons of people signed up on GenealogyWise and these people were requesting friends like there was no tomorrow. Without even trying, I was asked to joined groups, and before I knew it, I was a participating member, whether I wanted to be or not. This site has been growing so rapidly, and at this stage, I have no plans of turning back!

Following this site is a great way to find others researching your surname and to have the "genealogy camaraderie" that is all it's own. Family Link is the master behind this website where we can communicate with individuals who are on our same genealogy page. It is worth trying to make family connections from anywhere in the world. I have heard people were making connections the first and second days!

In the first few days, a few thousand individuals joined GenealogyWise and added info, and photos. You can add a family tree and videos also. With email and groups you can stay in contact with others easily.

People have been spending hours at a time exploring the website and finding some of the most interesting things. I have personally explored the site a few times, but haven't had the time to add information to it myself or check for a few groups I have in mind. If you haven't joined GenealogyWise, I suggest you check it out! It is the newest, hottest and FREE website! Don't want you left out if you haven't heard about it, or have any kind of hesitancy!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. I was wondering what this was all about...I guess I'll have to join and check it out for myself. Yet another thing to do on the internet...


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