Those Places Thursday ~ High School

This is the high school my sisters and I all attended. I won't tell you the year I graduated however!

The last two years of High School, I only attended school two hours a day. The rest of the day I was off to a R.O.P. program (I do not recollect what the initials R.O.P. stood for... ___?____ occupational program), an off-site "occupational" schooling program. Sometimes because of this, I feel I missed a lot of my high school days and memories that could have been made. I just wasn't around much. If you look closely at this picture, you can see I actually included a squirrel posing on the curb, maybe ready to attend school?

This is the entrance of the school as it looks today. It was amazing when I went back to take these photos, how small the school seemed to me. When I was actually attending it seemed larger than life!

This is the gym, where basketball games and dances were held, among other things. You can see we were the "Rebels", and boy, did I ever want to rebel when I was that age! I missed many games and dances while in high school, mostly because I wasn't allowed to go to them. My mother was very strict. I do have great memories of other things, I hung around an older crowd for the most part. I have attended most of my high school reunions, always prepared for the fact that no one would remember me, because I really didn't spend much time on the school grounds. Each reunion has surprised me, more people remember me than I ever expected, almost amazing to me.

These photos were taken in March 2007 by me, in San Lorenzo, California. They are digital photos in my possession taken to add to my album of the history of my life.

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