Genealogy "T.V."

Have you watched genealogy "T.V" interviews? Do you know what they are? Let me introduce a couple to you!

We have blogs, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and T.V. interviews! Yes, you can watch "T.V." on the internet. Dick Eastman is very well known for his interviews on Roots Television. The most recent that I have listened to of Dick's interviews, is the interview with DearMyrtle done at the SoCa Genealogy Jamboree. These interviews are very informative plus you get to "see" who is being interviewed, just like TV! Many people interviewed are those who have blogs and or those people involved in the genealogy world we don't tend to see in the spotlight, they are behind the scenes shall we say. Roots Television actually has a program guide too, so be sure to click on the link and check it out!

Lisa Louise Cooke from Genealogy Gems has a "TV" interview site, Genealogy Gems Video. Most recently, she also did interviews from the 2009 SoCa Genealogy Jamboree. I just listened to the interview she did with Randy Seaver, Randy's first video interview! (Nice job Randy!)

I am sure there will be more interviews from the Jamboree up and coming. Be sure to keep and eye on these "TV" channels to see more about Jamboree 2009, other conferences, and your favorite "stars' in the genealogy world! You will enjoy and learn a thing or two I am sure.

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring Genealogy Gems in this post. I loved getting a chance to interview great names in genealogy in person at Jamboree. Randy was terrific, and keep an eye out for news videos featuring Thomas MacEntee and Tony Burroughs! Viewers can even click the "Subscribe" button on the Genealogy Gems YouTube channel so they will be notified when new episodes are published Thanks again Cheryl!

  2. Hi Lisa, I enjoyed seeing you again at Jamboree and enjoyed your class also! Randy was terrific and I look forward to the other interviews! Great job and thank you for leaving a comment! it is my pleasure to share Genealogy Gems!


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