Wordless Wednesday - Flag

Flag. May 10, 2009. Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Hayward, California. Digital Image. Held by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009

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  1. What the...?? I do hope you reported this to the cemetery managers! Were they protesting? Or just careless?

  2. Hi Elizabeth, I have no idea, it was late in the afternoon and I didn't say anything to anyone. When I saw it I was on my way out from spending a very long time in the mausoleum and on the grounds. At this point I would say it was kinda amazing the flag was still this way at this time of the day, I wish I remembered what time it actually was...There were many people there that day, I wonder how many actually noticed it. I was shocked seeing this and thought I was being blonde, missing something I should have known as to why the flag was like that!


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