Tombstone Tuesday - Arlington National Cemetery

I was looking to see what pictures I had that maybe I wanted to write about and post for Tombstone Tuesday when I ran across this photo taken at Arlington National Cemetery when I was there in October 2007. When I saw this picture, I just froze. I knew I had to use it for this post.

Why this affected me this way, this time, I am not really sure. There are probably a few reasons. Number one, it was never planned that we would be anywhere near this cemetery, but there we were. Number two, I am probably a little sentimental regarding our soldiers. There are people I know who are in the service that are or may be headed to the war. Number three, I just read an updated article regarding the Blue Star Mom's group that my Harley Chapter supports.

So because of my thoughts for our soldiers now, and prior, who have fought for our country and those who will fight for our country in the future, I am grateful. My prayers go out to you all. I know it isn't Memorial Day or anything, however for personal reasons I choose to reflect on those past, those present and those who will be. Thank you all for your service! May you stay safe, bless you.

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  1. It's like they go on forever and it never ends....and that's not the way we want it to be.

  2. Lovely photo, Cheryl. BTW, I noticed that there's no grass in that section of the cemetery. Are those new(er) burials?

  3. Hi dustbunny8, it is very much like that, unfortunately. Tough to vision.

    Hi Elizabeth, you know, I hate to say because I really don't remember. It could be that they are newer. It was a bit overwhelming for me to see it all, and that is what I remember most.

  4. Hello all I worked In ANC from july 2004- aug 2009 I was part of The Old Guard. The section of the Cemetery that is in this Pic is not Sec. 60 (all active duty burrials go here) this is a part of the cemetery that is under going turf renovation. They purposely kill the grass to re grow it to make the cemetery prettier.

  5. Hi Anonymous, we thank you so much for explaining this! It is wonderful to know the truth! Thank you so much for taking the time to fill us in, it is greatly appreciated!


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