Wordless Wednesday ~ Jamboree 2009

Steve Danko. June 27, 2009. SoCa Jamboree Geneabloggers Dinner, Burbank, California. Digital Image. Privately held by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009


  1. LOL - we will have to remember this for next year's GeneaBlogger's dinner. Having people draw their family tree would at least keep them quiet - we were a noisy bunch weren't we?

  2. Hi iPentimento, I think he is dedicated! ;)

    Hi geneabloggers, yes, while he was doing this, didn't hear a peep out of him! But then if we all did this, it would be to darn quiet! I prefer the noise we made! ;)

  3. It wasn't so much that I was dedicated, but I wanted to win the prize! There was a prize wasn't there? I think it was Sheri Fenley's birthday hat, wasn't it?

  4. Hi Steve, I know you wanted to win the prize, you were so dilligently working at it! I am not sure what happened with her hat....maybe next year we will find out the answer! :)


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