"My" Swedish Adventure ~ Resan ~ Tower Bridge & Surroundings ~ Post 37


This is the basic path we took once we arrived at Tower Bridge...

We walked along the side and took our touristy photos, and then crossed the street to walk past the bridge.

As we continued on past the bridge we walked towards the hotel through the little tunnel. This hotel was where our friends were staying.

You may have noticed looking through the tunnel in the photo above, the first thing we saw after coming through the tunnel was a Starbuck's! They are everywhere! No, we did not get any coffee.

Below is where our friends were staying, although I do not understand how the miscommunication came about with where we were staying. I expected to see the name of the hotel we were at, not "Guoman" Hotels. Anyway, they had a fabulous place to stay. We were able to get an idea of the view they had from their room. 

To the right of this hotel, the car below was set up for viewing pleasure. The whole outside was covered in lights, and the lights changed colors. Did you notice the camera in the previous photo? It was set up to take photos of this car.

Below, the car has changed from multiple colors to green only, it was amazing.

Then it changed to blue lights only… and more. Eventually it came back to multiple colors again. I loved the blue, but then again that is my favorite color.

We sat at a spot in front of this car and enjoyed a break. We watched the car change colors and people passing by. We admired the bridge and I knew the view of Tower Bridge from the hotel would be awesome, especially at night. Our friends had a great hotel room. I will share the photo of Tower Bridge at night very soon. Below, a gent selling flavored nuts, yes we did try them, they were delicous.

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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