"My" Swedish Adventure ~ Resan ~ Tower Bridge ~ Post 36

We have toured most of the area in London around where we were staying. Our friends asked us to come over their way and see what is right by their hotel. Little did we know when we booked our rooms, that their were 5 or 6 hotels in London with the same name. It was unfortunate because we weren't at the same hotel as we planned. It worked out fine, our friends needed to take the train our way every day though.  

Now it was our turn to go their way. We headed back to catch the underground train that they were so accustomed to using. My husband and I have never been on it, but it reminded me of BART, the train system in Philly and the El in Chicago. We had a smooth ride. 

After our ride, we walked a short way, and suddenly we were looking at this! Tower Bridge. This is where London Bridge used to be. It was beautiful. If you remember, this bridge goes over the River Thames.

I took many photos of the bridge as we walked all around.

Some photos were taken when we were right on top of the bridge. We did not walk across it, we just explored the area where we were.

It was a beautiful day. I never noticed how dirty the water looked when we were there, but it sure shows up in the pictures doesn't it?

Now, a close up view from below.

There was a lot of traffic, people and cars. It also clouded over a bit, but it never rained.

Almost looks like we could be underneath the bridge below.

But alas, we were not. The photos were taken from the park.

Below, we see the traffic driving in the wrong lanes! At least it is from how we drive in the U.S. Most people were tourists taking pictures, like myself.

And one last photo, you can see under the bridge!

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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