"My" Swedish Adventure~Resan~Tower of London, Architecture ~Post 31

"My" Swedish Adventure ~ Förbereda (Preparing)


The front of the World Heritage Site of the Tower of London.

Absolutely amazing to see this in the middle of a big city of modern buildings.

The Tower of London is old, and without water in the moat these days.

This view shares the top of The Chapel Royal of Saint Peter and Vincula. It is the parish church of the Tower of London. It is also the burial spot of some of the famous people that were executed at the Tower of London. More on that later.

There were many tourists at the Tower of London when we were there. The end of August and we had perfect weather, no rain!

Here you see the contrast of the old architecture surrounded by new modern buildings.

Next, I will share some of what we saw on the inside.

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