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In the packet I received from Mountain View cemetery last week was information on how to go about purchasing headstones for my great grandparents, which I haven't shared yet. My last post shared the genealogical information I received from the cemetery.

Several years ago when I bought a headstone for my father in law (who did not have a marker) it was a fairly easy task. I went to a monument company and chose what I wanted them to make. I paid for it and waited until they called letting me know it was completed. I picked it up and eventually my husband and I went and placed it on the grave. We were fortunate because the grave is located in a little country town of about 300 people. It was not an issue for us to cement the headstone in.

This purchase will however be very different. Of course the prices have escalated and my great grandparents are not buried side by side, which means I need to buy two separate stones. This cemetery is not located in a little tiny town, it is in a major city and it has rules and regulations. This means that all of the other paperwork in the packet I received from the cemetery involves buying and placing a headstone, or two in my case.

Most of the paperwork includes the different types, styles, sizes and prices of headstones that can be purchased through their company. They were kind enough to highlight the size I should purchase (which is the smallest single grave size) along with the costs. Upon first look, I thought this price was for the headstone, which I didn't think was to bad of a price. Upon further examination I realized this price was for the placement, and endowment care for the size headstone I should purchase.

The final two pieces of paperwork in this packet are Memorial Permit Applications, two of them. I will need to fill out the applications before commencing any memorial work and agree to the Association's rules and regulations. The Association needs to make written approval of the markers chosen.

The cost just to place one headstone with the endowment fee is more than I spent on the headstone I bought for my father in law. The price of a headstone through the cemetery is almost 10 times what I paid for my father in laws headstone. I need to do this times two. My next step will be to get some pricing from another monument company!

The real kicker is, after I do these two headstones, I need to place another one, at a different cemetery.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Wishing you luck. This is a very interesting journey you have embarked upon.

  2. Cheryl,
    My sister and I ordered and placed my mother's headstone on top of my grandmother's grave. Her headstone is at one end and my mother's in about three feet in. The cemetery where both are buried (Mom was cremated) is in a little town in Indiana. I am lucky for my great grandparents and ggreat grandfather are buried across the street on the other side of the cemetery. Little towns appear to be so much more "people friendly" and have less rules and regulations to follow. Thanks for the great story and good luck!

  3. Thank you Michelle.

    Hi Taylorstales, yes, small towns are much different to work with. So glad all went well with your mothers headstone, and how fortunate other family members are so close.

    Thank you both for leaving a comment.

  4. I have a couple of monuments that I would like to have repaired or replaced but just haven't had the money. I hope that by working with a different monument company you will find an option that makes this doable for you.

  5. Hi Apple, I do hope another monument company will make it more affordable for me. I haven't had the opportunity to check any out as of yet, but hope to soon. Thank you for commenting and hope you are on your way to better days!


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