Those Places Thursday ~ Where I Have Lived

Here is another place where I have lived. This home is located in San Ramon, California. Of course when I lived here, the house didn't look like this. It has recently been re-done, the yard, fence, driveway, front door, mail box, windows, garage door, roof and siding placed on the house?

I drove past this house a couple years ago and took a few pictures. When I lived in the house, it had been purchased brand new, which meant it didn't have yards, front or back. It was a very nice house, three bedroom, two bath.

One of my favorite memories of this home is the back yard. It was big, and I mean big! We, my ex and I, landscaped the front and back yard ourselves. I loved the backyard! I felt like I had my own paradise in my backyard.

From the family room, you walked out to a patio and beyond that was a pee gravel play yard complete with large swing set and children's play things. Along the left side of the fence was a planter box, the complete length of the fence. To the right of the play yard was a section of grass, so the kids could do somersaults etc. Across the walkway from there was a sunken hot tub turned into a fish pond with a waterfall. All around the pond was my own bonsai type yard, with stepping stones to the pond.

Ok, pretty nice, wouldn't you say? Yes, but that is not all! Across the lawn and pond area the yard was fenced off with a rod iron fence and gate. You could see what laid ahead through and or above the fence. It was a protection fence, because we put a pool on the other side of that fence. The pool was beautiful! We designed it ourselves, it was in the shape of a keyhole. A large shallow end (3 ft) with steps going into it. The rest was the deep end (8 ft) which had a "love seat" area to rest if need be. We did a dark plaster inside the pool and it looked like a hugh pond! All around the pool we did a cool deck and sitting area. Plants around the outer edges with large park like lamp posts here and there. Beautiful at night!

We also happened to have a bathroom at the other end of the house by this pool area, and decided to put a door to that bathroom, which worked out perfect. Oh, the swim parties we had there!

I sure miss that backyard. It should have been in "Yard Beautiful." I never felt I needed to go away anywhere, just to my backyard.

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. What a nice recollection of your old home. It sounds like you have some great memories of that spot and time in your life.

  2. Hi Kathy, Yes I have some great memories of this home and some that are not so great. I tend to block out the not so great memories though and the great ones stay on top! Thanks for commenting, it is greatly appreciated!


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