Tombstone Tuesday ~ Westby

This is the Westby plot which is located in Blue Grass, Wadena, Minnesota. This picture is currently in possession of my aunt and uncle. I scanned a copy of the picture this past week. Buried here in this plot are my great grandparents Halvor and Carrie (Jonson) Westby. Halvor was born on Dec 6, 1861 and Carrie was born on July 25, 1864. Both were born in Trysil, Hedmark, Norway. They married in 1883 and came to America in 1891. Twelve children came of this union although two of the children died as infants. 

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  1. Oh,Cheryl, I love the name Halvor! I wonder if it was a common name in Norway? So nice that you were able to scan the picture. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Lori, Halvor was a fairly common name in Norway for the time I believe. There are a couple of people in my tree with this name and until I saw pictures of each of them, I couldn't remember who was who. Thank you for the comment!


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