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The day after I called Mountain View Cemetery last week regarding my great grandparents grave sites, I received a packet in the mail from them. Inside was filled with information to purchase and place headstones. The first paper I read was the one on top which stated "Genealogy Research Reply."

I asked if they could inform me who signed for my great grandparents burials and if I was privy to any paperwork regarding them. The paperwork they sent stated their records only contain information for the internment. Information covering this includes date of birth, date of death and the location inside the cemetery. It doesn't include maiden names, information on next of kin, copies of death certificates or obits.

This is what was noted for my request:

Name of Deceased  ~  John C. Miner
Birthdate ~ Lined out, none listed
Death Date ~ 9/28/1939 (age 63, 10 mo, 19 days)
Place of Birth ~ Rome, N.Y.
Place of Death ~ Oakland, California
Location at MVCA ~ Plot 65 Grave 1278

Name of Deceased ~ Gladys A. Miner
Birthdate ~ Lined out, none listed
Death Date ~ 1/11/1944 (Age 58, 6 mo, 10 days)
Place of Birth ~ New York
Place of Death ~ Oakland, California
Location at MVCA ~ Plot 65 Grave 1249

None of this information was new to me. In fact I can fill in their blanks.

John C. Miner was John Clayton Miner and he was born November 10, 1875.
Gladys A. Miner was Gladys Amy (Richmond) Miner and she was born July 1, 1885.

What was new to me information though, and highlighted on this paper, was the fact that their son, Glen B. Miner signed for both interments. It does make sense, as he was the first born. I expected their only daughter to have handled this for some reason, and yet I am not really sure why I felt that way.

Now, I know there are no headstones for them and my grand uncle signed for each of the internments. WWll was considered to officially break out on September 1, 1939 and end in 1945. My great grandparents just so happened to have passed between these dates. I have no idea what affects this may have had regarding head stones for them, maybe it wasn't even a factor, I don't know. The times and lives of their children will be studied more which may help with a final conclusion.

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. We think times are tough for us now, but during the time period you are talking about it was much worse. Could be simply that the cost of the headstones was not financially do-able. And then the years slip away and out of sight out of mind, you know how that goes.

  2. Do you have John Miner & Gladys Richmond's marriage announcement from the Waterville, NY times?

  3. Hi Roomie,

    I am a firm believer that things always could be worse! I can't imagine what people went through during the war, really. It doesn't matter to be why, I know I can do something about it now!

    Hi TennLady,

    No! I do not! Just the thought brings tears to my eyes. Oh my...


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