"My" Swedish Adventure ~ Resan ~ Exploring The Tower of London ~ Post 33

"My" Swedish Adventure~Resan~Tower of London, Architecture~Post 31
"My" Swedish Adventure~Resan~Tower of London, Inside~Post 32


There are tours scheduled at the Tower of 
London, although we didn't take one.

There are signs to help you if you explore on your own. All of the sight seeing events we did while in London were free.

Below, you see a crowd listening to someone, I believe from a little performance they just performed. Blue, blue sky peeking through the clouds.

I previously shared this photo in a closer view of the gate, here you see the full effect. The stairs caught my attention.

I loved this directional sign, it is modern compared to the tower isn't it? But of course, it is for the tourists!

Another view, seems there are so many people, but they never were a problem as the grounds are so large. A couple of areas to see there was a line, but the line moved quickly.

I really love this photo! Where do you see a guard posed like this? The little boy checking him out was mesmerized.

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