"My" Swedish Adventure~Resan~Tower of London, Inside~Post 32

"My" Swedish Adventure~Resan~Tower of London, Architecture~Post 31


It was a beautiful day (as were all other's in London this far) when we visited the Tower of London. I am happy to have a photo showing some of the blue sky as well as the enormous size of this building.

Above, you see the tourist line, behind the rope, to enter. As we arrived closer to the entrance line we found this guard on duty.

If the guard wasn't smiling below, I would think he was asking this gentleman to leave. Maybe he was, and was humored by the whole ordeal, I really don't know. I just took the photo and liked it.

This is one corner area inside the grounds of the Tower of London. As you can see there were different levels, lots of stairs here and there, and a number of tourists.

I definitely wanted a photo of this sign high above us!

Here is my little group, spread out walking through one of the streets/walkways of the site. My husband, and our friends, Kathy and Dave from London. We did a lot of walking in the three days we were here. Our friends hadn't been to many of the sights we went to for many, many years so it was as if it were new to them also. Some of the sites we went to, they had never been to before. It made playing tourist even better because they enjoyed all of our sight seeing also.

Below we are about to walk through an archway. Above the archway the title black sign states it is 

Of course, there a souvenir shop. We didn't actually go in. I wasn't interested in carrying any more luggage, and I am not a big shopper anyway.

I love the photo below. The sign says "Traitors Gate." It is unique, full of water (even if it is green) and the reflection turned out great.

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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