Going From a PC to a Mac ~ Part 3

I have to admit that I have made this transition out to be more complicated than what it really is. But, that is very typical for me and about anything I try to do, it always becomes more involved for me than for others, for whatever given reason for each specific task.

Actually, the complication came when my laptop started dying. Access was wishy washy at best. I needed to transfer my tree to a more reliable computer because I couldn't get the migration utility to work on the dying laptop. Once I moved the tree to my husband's computer, all I needed to do was find the information on how to make the transfer, which I found on Ancestry.com. I saved a couple of links I used and am posting them here, they may be of assistance to you too ~

How do I transfer a Family Tree Maker file from one computer to another?

How to Transfer a File Using a Mac

I would also like to share a couple of comments from readers who were kind enough to offer assistance to me. Unfortunately, I had already completed the task, but these are very helpful links to share also, so please, please take note!

Russ Worthington from A Worthington Weblog  said ~

If I understand the issue, you want to get a Windows based version of Family Tree Maker file to your FTMM-2 version for your Mac.

FTMM-2 will read FTW files (Windows base Version 16 and earlier) BUT for FTM files (Windows base Version 2008 and newer) you need the Migration Program. It's on the FTMM-2 Installation CD and also on the Ancestry.com Website.

Please go to the Knowledge Base website:


and enter 5313 in the Search Support field and click on the Search Button. That will take you to an article that should help you with this.

Ben Sayer shares from Genealogy Tools ~ (He has done a really nice post on this process!)

In addition to the resources Russ pointed out, I'll offer another in case you're a visual learner. I recently published a video, Migrating Family Tree Maker 2012 and 'for Mac Trees, on my site, GenealogyTools.com. I think it would help you to see the process.

Thank you Russ and Ben! I LOVE our genealogy community! We have the most thoughtful, caring and sharing people around!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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