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Yes, you read that correctly, I said "Challenges!" I have joined in on not one, but two family history challenges! At the end of January, I attended the first meeting of my local genealogy society's Writers Group! Four days later, I was also participating in an online writers group for the month.

There were five of us in attendance at my society's meeting. A few others want to join also, but weren't available for this first meeting. We had a great discussion regarding who we all chose to write about. I was amazed, we managed to zip through two hours in no time! We were there to commit to our writing projects and support one another. Although there isn't a punishment if we don't do it, we all tried to chose an amount of words we hoped to write each month. I was not feeling that I could commit to many words because of how busy I am, but did chose a rather small amount knowing this was just a start. Something is better than nothing!

Then, on February first, I also joined The Armchair Genealogist's  (Lynn Palermo) "The Family History Writing Challenge!"  What was I thinking??? Well, I was hoping I could get double the incentive! Lynn's challenge is only for the month of February. She has a Forum where we can discuss anything related to writing, stumbling blocks, ideas,  support, etc. She will have a few guest speakers on her blog, writing about writing, and Lynn is sharing lots of great ideas and tips with us!

It has been almost a week and a half for the local writers challenge and one week for Lynn's challenge. I figured I could commit to both groups the same amount of words. I have enjoyed the emails with the local chapter (we will be meeting once a month) and also each of Lynn's postings and ideas! Between the two, I have really given me the desire to write! So who am I writing about?

Who do I know best? Why that would be myself, of course! I tried to begin this a few years ago, I wrote several pages on paper (which I haven't found yet) before loosing any momentum I originally had. I have been disappointed that I didn't continue. To me, this needs to me my first written story, my memoir.

Today, there was a nice email from the society group, and an update from Lynn's group. Wow, if we all pull off what we have chosen to accomplish, it is going to be amazing! My commitment for both groups is 250 words a day. I have accomplished this everyday, although one day I was 20 minutes late finishing, which actually had me into the next day. I haven't written yet today, but I am very pleased with my total of 2513 words for six days! I have almost doubled my intentions so far, without having completed my commitment yet today!

This is very exciting, I hope I can continue like this throughout the month!

Have you belonged to any writing groups? How did it work for you? If you haven't belonged to a group, would you consider starting one?

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. WOW! I'm so impressed! I don't have nearly that many words, although I am meeting my goals so far! Today I'll work on a timeline for a grampa. I was going to write it up but it's choppy and so I think a visual is necessary! Then one more writing and I'm one with Part 2 (which is my goal for our next meeting). I still need to do my self writing for our meeting, though.

  2. Congratulations to you Debbie for meeting your goals so far! I have to say that it is much easier to write about yourself, you have all of the answers! Well, ok, a lot of them anyway! Trust me, mine is choppy also, but will fine tune and make a few other decisions later. I am also trying still to decide which grandparent I want to start writing about.


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