A Program Decision ~ Not a Scientific One

I thank everyone who commented on my post here, where I could not decide what family tree program to purchase for my Mac. I learned a few things from those comments, and appreciate the time involved in responding to my post. 

Just to be up front and honest, I have no affiliation with any of the family tree programs I have been discussing in that post, or this post today.  

I finally made a decision yesterday and purchased Family Tree Maker Mac 2. I know everyone is wondering why, and how, I finally came to that decision, right? Well, it wasn't as scientific a decision as it could have been, or that I was apparently trying to make it.

Friday night I was signed in to GeneaBloggers Blog Talk Radio on my Mac, nice and early, ready to go. Just before the program was ready to start,  I realized I wasn't logged in with my name, I was logged in as a guest. Now I was fumbling, not knowing really how I ever signed up with the radio program originally, what my password was, etc. I knew my PC was all set up, piece of cake to log into the radio show, so I hopped over to it and logged in.

It was no time at all before I was enjoying GeneaBloggers Blog Talk Radio, happily socializing with my comrades. (I haven't been able to do much of that lately) All of a sudden, the PC froze. Now I had to bring the Mac to the table and log back in as a guest, so I wouldn't miss the rest of the program! I was disappointed however that I could not socialize on the chat board anymore.  

I kept playing with the PC, but couldn't get anything to work. It was still showing power, which was my main reason for getting my Mac, there is an issue with the electrical cord. I suddenly remembered that the PC had started freezing up quite a few times lately. I shut the darn thing down.

While virtually attending Roots Tech the next day, it suddenly dawned on me that I must purchase Family Tree Maker Mac 2 as Family Tree Maker is the program my full tree is on at this point. If I want to pull up my tree as I have it, I had better get the same basic program, and do it quick before I couldn't get to it on the PC anymore! (Hind site tells me it is actually backed up in the cloud and on a portable hard drive...) So I ordered it.

Now wasn't that a scientific way to choose a program? To funny. I continue to think of all kinds of ways I can work other programs as well. I see myself eventually adding Roots Magic (did you know Roots Magic 5 is now available?) and maybe even Legacy Family Tree as well. I have no idea why I made this whole thing such an ordeal! I thought I would be able to choose one program and stick with it. But no, I see myself gravitating to exactly what I was doing before.  

Time will tell, if I add more programs but for now I am waiting on Family Tree Mac 2. I am anxious to see how it compares to the PC version.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Cheryl,
    I decided to not chime in when you were investigating since I've been a Reunion user since the 80s and I haven't really used the other programs. I do have the earlier version of Mac Family Tree Maker so don't hesitate to ask if you have a question. There are two East Bay Mac genealogy user groups with monthly meetings where you can get regular help. Welcome to the Mac family!

  2. Hi Kathryn,

    People who are Reunion users are dedicated to their product that is for sure! I received my FTM for Mac yesterday, that was fast! WIll probably be a couple days until I download and check it out though. I have seen one of those Mac groups, I believe meetings I saw in Pleasanton? Not sure where I saw that, but must have been your calendar! Thank you for the welcome, I look forward to becoming another Mac addict. ;-)


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