Those Places Thursday ~ Famous Dave's with Sheri Fenley

This Thursday I am sharing with you a restaurant named Famous Dave's. No, I do not work for them nor do I have have any affiliation or obligation with the restaurant. If you remember, Sheri Fenley, "The Educated Genealogist" made an offer to me in the comments section of my post dated January 2, 2011, "Challenges not Resolutions." One of my "Challenges" has been sourcing. Here is the issue as I had posted it ~

"4. Source, source, source. I have worked on this before. For some reason I just can't get comfortable doing this. I wish I had someone who would sit down next to me and catch whatever my hang up is with this. I have all of the best source books, Mills Evidence Explained in particular. The hang-up is with me! Maybe someone can help! Need to find someone."

Here was Sheri's comment ~

"Well Roomie, Those are mighty big chunks you have on your plate. but they say you can eat an elephant if you do it one bite at a time. So anything is possible.

We live close enough to each other that we can do something like Denise Levenick and Amy Coffin are doing. 

Out of all the stuff we need/want to get accomplished this coming year, pick 3 of the most important and aim for those. 

Then we help each other get those 3 things done. For example - your source citations - I will come over and spend a day every couple of months or so with you and walk you through them as you enter them into your database. Before you know it, you'll be able to write them blindfolded!"

Now, who wouldn't want an "aka-roomie" ~ 

"aka:genie" ~ 

and an "aka: nun" ~

hanging around at your place? After all, she has those "get out of hell free cards" which I just may need one day! 

I immediately took Sheri up on her offer, I know many of you are " proud" I did this! (I am proud I did too!) The consensus was to meet up at Famous Dave's, which we did a couple of days ago. 

Are we "glowing" here or what? 

Wow, can we talk! I ate some of my lunch and suddenly realized I wasn't tasting any of it and it was really just in my way of socializing, so I packed it up in a doggie bag. Now, I was ready to get down to business!

Sheri and I discussed how we were going to "emulate Denise and Amy." (I wonder if they feel honored? See links to their challenges below) Actually, we discussed what we each would like to accomplish this year. I will let Sheri herself discuss, if she so chooses, her goals.

The genealogy goals I chose? Here are the three items that are my top priority I would like to accomplish:

1. Of course, attack those sources! I plan to start from scratch and rebuild my tree in Roots Magic. My original tree is in Family Tree Maker 2009 right now. I plan to rebuild my tree one person at a time, making sure each item for each person is sourced properly. I had started this before, but got confused with my sourcing and eventually stopped. (I think I have figured out that it is not so much how I source, my problem has been where I enter in the program to log information once a master source has been entered. Sheri answered a question I had, but I haven't yet been able to play with this information to see if that has been my issue or not, but let's hope that is! That would be a simple fix!)

2. This actually goes along with #1, but it is my second item. As I build my new tree, make sure all pictures and documents that I currently have, have been added for each individual. I believe there are documents in my binders that have not been scanned and or added to the appropriate profile on the computer. By the same token, I may have some information entered on the computer that has not been added to my hard copy files, my binders.

3. My third item is to take all of my pictures out of photo albums that are not archival safe, which would be most of them, if not all of them. I have only scanned one album of my own personal collection, so I need to scan the pictures from these albums, and then of course file appropriately. 

Sheri and I made plans to hook up again the end of March to go over how we are doing with our challenges. I have already heard there has been an unexpected change for Sheri so we may be moving that date up a bit! 

No pressure now is there? My plans are out in the open, can't let my roomie, aka the geni, aka the nun, down! Better get cracking, for now, at least to see if what I learned about entering sources has been my hang up or not!

Be sure to follow Amy and Denise with their challenges, which you can find on Amy's blog at We Tree and Denise's blog at The Family Curator. I noticed Amy has an update also which is posted here. Amy had asked if her genealogy friends were up for the challenge, Sheri and I are! Even though we didn't get as fancy as Amy and Denise by choosing our challenges from specific categories, we have chosen them. I wish us all luck!

How about you, are you up for the challenge?

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

 Copyright © 2011 Cheryl Palmer


  1. LOL. Thanks for the chuckles.

    Can you imagine what someone in the next booth is thinking about what they overheard? You're going to do what?

    Was Sheri wearing her genie outfit, her bikini lawn-mowing outfit, or her nun outfit? Or something else? Inquiring minds want to know. I know, there was a picture, but that was fake, right?

    So now we have the "You Go Source" Girls of Genealogy...who's next?

    I wonder who would like to pair up with me?

  2. Wow! That's a lot of stuff, but with a nun in your corner I'm sure it will work.

  3. Nice that you have an accountability partner who lives so close! I'm going to be moving everything to my Roots Magic too (from PAF) and sourcing it as I do. Can hardly wait to get started but am waiting for the AZ Family History Expo and the Roots Magic class being held there. Perfect timing!

  4. You go girl! How can you NOT be successful with a jeanie/nun as your mentor. LOL

  5. I'm also moving everything over to roots magic and doing just what you are. One person at a time to make sure it's correct before moving on.

    Thanks for sharing!


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