Happy New Year to you all! 
Wishing you a happy, healthy, safe & sane New Year!

Do you realize today is 1/1/11?

Time to tally all of the comments that were left on my blog last year. I have given the top 5 of the first two thirds of the year before. Here they are again~

January through April, these were the top five ~ (7 because of a tie)

Michelle Goodrum ~ The Turning of Generations
Mary ~ Mary's Musings
Greta Koehl ~ Greta's Genealogy Blog
Lori Hellmund ~ Genealogy and Me
Taylorstales ~ Taylorstales Geneology 
Lindalee ~ Flipside

By the end of August, these were the top five ~ (9 because of ties)

Gini ~ Ginisology
Rootdigger ~ A Rootdigger
Miriam ~ Ancestories
Bill West ~ West in New England

Now acknowledging all of those people who left comments from August through the end of the year~

Michelle Goodrum ~  The Turning of Generations
Gini ~ Ginisology
Peggy Higgins ~ My Genealogy Pondering
Ginger Smith ~ Genealogy By Ginger
Lori H. ~ Genealogy and Me
Jan Lundberg ~ Min egen lilla seda
Tenn Lady ~ Gene Notes
Lindalee ~ Flipside
Craig Manson ~ GeneaBlogie
Elizabeth O'Neil ~ Little Bytes of Life
Kerry Scott ~ Clue Wagon
Marian Pierre-Louis ~ Roots and Rambles
Images Past ~ Images Past
Selvage Quilter ~ Selvage Quilts
Nolichucky Roots ~ Nolichucky Roots
Heather Rojo ~ Nutfield Genealogy 
Homestead Mommy ~ Homestead Mommy
Kristen Cleage ~ My Cleages and Reeds
Amy Coffin ~ We Tree
Judith Richards Shubert ~ Genealogy Traces
Marianne (Sakkalo) ~ Sakkalo - ganske enkelt
Coloring Outside the Lines ~ Coloring Outside the Lines
Diana R. ~  Random Relatives
Tammy-Renee ~ Rosie Cotton
Janet Isles ~ Janet the Researcher
Carol Yates Wilkerson ~ iPentimento
Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski ~ In My Life
A Rootdigger ~ A Rootdigger
CJ From Georgia
Harriet ~ Genealogy Fun
Becky Jamison ~ Grace and Glory
Linda Gartz ~ Family Archaeologist
TCastill ~ Tangled Trees
Miriam ~  AnceStories

The top five at the end of the year are~

MaryMary's Musings

I would truly like to thank you all again for commenting on my blog. I really do appreciate it! Sometimes that is what keeps me posting!

Now, are you ready for the Grand Prize Winner of Root's Magic? Drum roll please.................and the winner is...............

Mary from Marys Musings!

Congratulations Mary! See what happens just because you left so many comments on my blog? Please contact me at geneaminded at gmail.com with your mail address and I will get this program out to you just as soon as possible! What a way to start the new year!

I have to say, there were only about nine posts difference between the top five people who left the most comments. So very close!

Many thanks to Bruce Buzbee who so kindly donated this Roots Magic 4 to me, so I could give it away!

May 2011 Be a Fantastic year for you!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Cheryl, I read your previous post about comments with great interest as I had only blogged on the subject "Blogging is a two-way street" this week.

    Although we would blog if we didn't get all those comments the comments certainly give us reinforcement and recognition.

    I haven't a prize but I will follow your lead and post a list of those who commented on my blog this year.

  2. Cheryl, this is going to sound so silly - you can't believe what a buzz I got this morning from seeing my name in the top five! I'm so happy to have been a regular commenter on Heritage Happens - it was one of my first discoveries among the genealogy blogs, back when that mysterious Ms. Teri wrote it. Congratulations to Mary!

  3. Congratulations to Mary for winning Roots Magic.

    You are incredible for taking the time to keep track of the comments on your blog! I am surprised that I have left so many comments but then your posts are comment worthy! LOL

  4. Mary is a wonderful blogger, she always takes the time to leave a comment. I'm so happy for her. You have a great blog Cheryl, I enjoy reading it and I hope to follow Mary's example and leave comments more, here and at all the blogs I read.

  5. Congratulations to Mary, Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for the mention! Jo :-)

  6. Woo Hoo! I was one of the top five! It's easy to comment when the blog is so interesting!

    Here's to another great blogging year! Cheers!

  7. Geniaus, Giving recognition I think is the most important part! Congratulations to you, I see you have done yours!

    Greta, I am so happy I could make you so excited! Measly little ol me. It is such a great feeling though isn't it? The recognition! You have followed for a long time my friend and brought me back to my own history with this comment!

    Michelle, you are to kind! I am so happy to be making friends through blogging!~ What would we do without each other?

    Harriet, I think we both may just need to remember to comment, it is important to all bloggers, we love to read them!

    Lori, you to are so kind. Thank you, and thank you for your wonderful comments!

    In fact thank you all again for adding such joy to my blog!

  8. OH MY GOSH! I just read this - I've been out of town for 10 days over Christmas and am still trying to play catch-up! I will e-mail you directly immediately. Geesh, I'm so excited...plus I learned mega info from all your great posts!

  9. Images past, Happy New Year to you also! Happy to give credit where credit is due!

    Mary ~ I wondered where you were and why it took so long for you to see the post! ;-) Congratulations! It will be on the way to you tomorrow!

  10. New years with glitz! Comments help that's for sure. On your page when I am there,I cannot help myself, I just have to say what I thought as I read. And they tell us- We are not invisible.

  11. A rootdigger, you know I love your comments! ;-)

  12. Teacher, I'm 'tardy'! Thank you very much for the recognition and link to my blog. It is most appreciated! It means a lot to me to get comments too. Not for the blog juice, but because I love my genealogy and history friends.


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