My Challenges, not Resolutions

Warning: This is a long post and asks for your input! It also does not have any gorgeous pictures or artwork to beautify and break up the paragraphs. Finally, Heritage Happens is in an update mode from the Christmas Holidays, so please bear with me.  

I do not have New Years resolutions. I stopped making them a few years ago. I have however had several ideas going on in my mind as of late and thought I really would like to work on some of these things. The new year is prime opportunity to analyze what I can actually accomplish.

I have been mulling around also, using this blog for more than just my personal genealogy. Anything I do at any given time will eventually become my history, so why not? I could start a couple more blogs, but after you read this I think you will agree that I will not be having time for any more blogs.

1. Make at least one new Christmas stocking. I took pictures finally, of the stockings I have made. There have been so many additions to my family that I have found I need to make more than I thought! I was surprised when I noticed only three of  the stockings were hand made, which means more than half need to be made still.

2. Walk 10,000 steps at least three to five days a week, every week. Last year I made it to 2 days a week, some weeks. Would like to be more consistent and dedicated to this. I share my walking on Sundays on Facebook, called "Sharing Sunday." Several people have joined along the way. The idea is to decide what YOU would like to accomplish each week physically, and share that goal on my Sharing Sunday post. It can be anything, running, work outs at the gym, walking, bike riding, hiking, zumba, etc. Each Sunday share how you did that week with your goal. Everyone is there to support everyone else. There is no right or wrong, we do what we can and try to keep each other motivated! If you would like to join in on Sharing Sunday, leave a comment on my Sharing Sunday post this coming Sunday! The more the merrier!

3. Loose weight. This is a forever and always a goal in my life. I want to get healthier all the way around. It all takes time, so it is a continuing process. I did loose some weight last year, but the major drop in weight will happen this year, I feel it!

4. Source, source, source. I have worked on this before. For some reason I just can't get comfortable doing this. I wish I had someone who would sit down next to me and catch whatever my hang up is with this. I have all of the best source books, Mills Evidence Explained in particular. The hang-up is with me! Maybe someone can help! Need to find someone.

5. Make all my event cards again for the year, with more dedication and creativity. I actually did this last year, it was kind of a challenge to myself. There were a couple times I didn't have a card and needed to buy one. I made my husband do it. My goal was not to purchase a card all year. I did it last year, so I know I can do it again! Hopefully I won't have to rely on my husband at all this year, but twice wasn't to bad for a whole year!

6. Start an online craft store. Have been thinking about this for well over a year, maybe close to two years now. I still have a desire to do it. I just need to work on it and make it happen.

7. Work on crafts for the store. I have some ideas, plans and things I want to make. Need to dedicate some time.

8. Start dog sitting business. After watching two adorable dogs during the week of Christmas convinced me I would really love to house sit dogs, at my house. I have a friend who does this and she makes some darn good money. My plan would be twofold, a few extra bucks would be nice, and the enjoyment of having the dogs would be grand. My dog is getting older and who knows how long he will be around for. I don't think I want to get another dog right after this one passes. If had a little dog sitting business, I would be able to enjoy those companions, and not have the responsibility of my own when we decided to travel. We are planning to do more traveling and I do not wish to add more responsibility to my daughter when we do. She is a vet tech and already has several pets to care for.

9. Blog at least 2 days a week to all blogs. This actually means I am going to cut down on my blogging here, but hopefully add blog posts to other blogs. By doing so, I may end up having longer blog posts here though, we shall see.

10. Organize all paperwork and genealogy information as I work through the sourcing, to see what backup information I need on each individual I work on.

11. Re-committ to Yoga. I have missed going for the past few weeks through the Holidays and my body is telling me I need to get back! I really miss this and walking.

12. Finish the Harley quilt. This project has been on hold through the holidays. During holiday time, I do not plan to do anything but holiday related things. I have actually worked a tiny bit on it since Christmas and look forward to learning more about the process as I journey along to completion.

13. Organize my crafts and crafting space. I do have many crafts I enjoy. I need a whole room to dedicate to it! For now I have chosen to use the guest room as I am not expecting guests for awhile. I have card/scrapbooking supplies, quilting, sewing, tatting, knitting, embroidery and crocheting supplies also. I would like to have quick and easy access to where everything is at any given time. My original master bedroom is going to go through some transformation! Who would have thought a four bedroom house wasn't big enough for two people?  One bedroom is our co-office, one is for the grandchildren and one is our bedroom. The last bedroom is the original master bedroom and bath and now is the guest room. Let's see what I can do in this room to make it a craft/guest room. Thankfully it is a decent size room.

14. Work on, if not totally complete my daughter and son in law's embroidered wedding sampler I started about 6 years ago.

15. Actually do some genealogy research!!!!!! Seems the research end has dwindled, not that I am complaining, I have met some fabulous knew cousins that I may not have ever found if I "wasn't researching."

These are a few things I would like to work on and as of now, I do not have an actual plan or commitment when and how I will work on all of this. It is difficult to say I will do certain things on certain days at certain times as I do watch my grandchildren part time.  Sometimes there is change with that schedule. Sometimes we travel. Sometimes I golf, sometimes I fish, and sometimes I ride my Harley. I love having that open schedule to a certain degree, to do what I want when I want.

I tend to have more ambition than time, and because of this my ambition gets lost at times. To much I always want to do. I suppose I could try taking a month working on one project, another month on another project, or maybe I should break it down to each week?

However you look at it, I have a whole year to try to accomplish some of these things. Some things I need to work on daily, that is a given, but the others? Well, let's just hope I accomplish something, somehow.

A few questions for you which may help me make some decisions! Would you please help me out by making some suggestions on these questions and/or anything else in this post? My scrambled up brain thanks you very much!

1. How do you feel about some change to content of this blog? Is it realistic? (I really think I know the answer…)
2. Time wise, how do you suggest I tackle some of these projects? What works best for you? One day genealogy, one day crafting? One week one project, the next week another project?
3. Do you have a great name for a dog-sitting business?
4. Would you be interested in seeing projects I make or am working on?
5. And finally, can you please clone me into another person?

With that I am off to take "before pictures" of my guest bedroom. This is all going to be very interesting…and time consuming!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

Copyright © 2010 Cheryl Palmer


  1. Love the new blog look number 1! I am not good at "names" but "Heal" came to mind...not sure why!

    I would love to follow your organizing plan for your genealogy and support you in all your other goals. You can do it!

    I think rotating days for the different things you would like to do is a great may have to experiment and work out a schedule or have a day planner to follow but I think that is the only way to do all the things you would like to. I hope you share and blog about it will help me to get motivated too! I am having a hard time getting started!

    Good luck Cheryl...and, Happy New Year!!

  2. Very, very interesting post - resonates a lot for me, as I am one of those "more ambition than time" people, too. I love the idea of the dog-sitting business. We have a wonderful pet-sitter who has so much business just from our neighborhood that she has two other ladies (also wonderful) helping her. This is the kind of thing that makes a neighborhood very attractive. A lot of my favorite genealogy blogs touch on other subjects in addition to genealogy, and I would definitely like to see some of your craft projects. On time management, it's hard to say for another person, but I think some kind of rotation is good. It probably depends on how long it takes you to actually get into the rhythm of things. Look forward to seeing how this all works out this year!

  3. Well Roomie, Those are mighty big chunks you have on your plate. but they say you can eat an elephant if you do it one bite at a time. So anything is possible.

    We live close enough to each other that we can do something like Denise Levenick and Amy Coffin are doing.

    Out of all the stuff we need/want to get accomplished this coming year, pick 3 of the most important and aim for those.

    Then we help each other get those 3 things done. For example - your source citations - I will come over and spend a day every couple of months or so with you and walk you through them as you enter them into your database. Before you know it, you'll be able to write them blindfolded!

  4. Not to sound stupid but #5 - what is an 'event card'?

    My daughter and her hubs have a dog sitting business. They started it about 2 years ago (with just 1 dog) and now they are so busy with it that they constantly care for 2-3 dogs at a time. They do it mostly in other people's homes. Her hubs will stay overnight at one house, she at another...and then there might be a dog that just needs to be feed and walked but not stayed with all night.

  5. You speak for a lot of us with diverse responsibilities and interests. Personally I've had more success with daily tasks - just like Grandmother used to have laundry day or cleaning day. I would get bored/frustrated/distracted working on one project for a week or more. I used to use evenings for needlework; this year they're for blog reading. I do better with a schedule.

    Love the dog sitting - our sitter here is Critter Sitters.

    The joy of all the interests is that the year will have many dimensions. Enjoy all of them!

  6. Well, I'm tired after reading your post. But then I'm probably lots older than you and get tired more quickly.

    It really seems like you have about 3 or 4 different areas to focus on with some subdivisions: health, crafts, genealogy, and the dog-sitting business.

    As for how to organize your time. I think it depends on how quickly you shift gears. If you can work on a craft project only on Mondays, and genealogy only on Tuesdays, that kind of schedule would probably work for you. If you need longer time periods, then perhaps several days for genealogy, crafts, etc., or maybe even a week for each.

    Ideas for names of a dog-sitting business: For the Love of a Dog; Barks & Biscuits; Wags & Whiskers Pet Sitting...?

    Best wishes for your success in all you want to accomplish for the year. Happy New Year!

  7. Wow, that's a lot!

    I don't have answers on everything, but on the idea of changing the blog content, I say: Go for it. It's your blog. It can be about whatever you want. I dramatically changed the focus of my blog a year ago, and that was the right decision. I also think it's nice to see each other as people, not just genealogists, and that means sharing non-research-related things if that's what you're working on.

    I've also found that mapping out my activities for a few months at a time helps me balance my focus on multiple areas (and figure out when I'm trying to do too much). If I don't map it out first, I end up paralyzed by looking at the pile of competing interests and not knowing where I should start.

    Good luck!

  8. Cheryl, I also love the new blog look, fresh and uncluttered, really nice.
    As long as I've known you (abt. 5 yrs.) you've had a lot going on and I admired you for it. You can meet the goals you want, like when you stopped smoking, and I know some on your list will be met. Only you can decide what. However, I would complete the 6 yr. old project first for your daughter.
    I admire you for all that you want to accomplish and like Nancy, I'm tired just reading your post (kidding).
    Enjoy your life and do what you want. Keep us posted now and then and share your accomplishments. Good luck.

  9. I personally have a hard time with do this on Monday, that on Tuesday, etc. If you are more disciplined than I, go for it. With all you have planned two posts a week may be ambitious but I hope you can stick to it.

    I'm no good at creating perfect source citations either. Take Sheri up on her offer!

    Good luck on what promises to be a very busy year!

  10. First off, I love the new look of the blog.

    I would love to see some of your wonderful creations in the crafting world. Maybe it will motivate me to get back to some of my own.

    Not creative enough to come up with a name for the dog-sitting business. If you decide to do that, please post about it.

    As far as how to get everything done, I'm probably not the person to ask. I always think schedules but if you are like me and get bored easily, all it takes is something to disrupt the schedule and you're fighting an uphill battle to get back on track.

    However you work it out, I'm looking forward to reading about it.

    Best Wishes on coming up with a plan of attack and Happy New Year.

  11. First, I love the new look of your blog.

    As for time management, you have to figure out what works for you. Now that I've stated the obvious (lol), I've found Julie Morgenstern's book, Time Management From The Inside Out, to be incredibly helpful. So much so that I revisit it from time to time when I feel I have strayed.

    I definitely would be interested in seein projects you are working on!

    If I could clone you into another person, I would, right after I cloned myself!

    I think I'll be joining you over on Facebook for Sharing Sunday. Glad you mentioned it.

  12. PS - I'm with Apple. Take Sheri up on her offer.

  13. Love the change and always enjoy your posts. We have many same issues in our lives and same goals. I also lost 8 lbs. alas not what I really wanted.
    I can relate to your statements so well. I dare not even say the changes I am wanting to do. I need to master what I am doing first. Well maybe not master it but at least have more control of it.
    I think my December was the best month of this last year for organization. Look forward to more chats this year.

  14. Thank you Susi! Looks like we can relate to one another very well, having so many things in common here! Good luck and we will be talking again!


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