Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Online File Organization

I have completed this task!  Nice feeling of accomplishment I must say. I have to admit, it wasn’t all that long ago that I went through this!

It was probably a little less than a couple years ago when I started my filing system. This plan seems to be working very well for me.

When I transitioned to a Mac at the beginning of this year I found that my files didn’t move over as nice and neat as I expected then to. Some files were in the system not once, or twice, but three times!

Not wanting to delete files without making sure I had a copy of everything that was in the folder, made for a daunting task that I was afraid I would never finish. Some folders had different items than the supposed matching folder while others were exact images of the duplicate folder(s).

I was gun ho to get this project done and surprised myself when I actually finished, much sooner than I expected.

I started alphabetically and moved down the list. There were many Surname folders that needed to be broken down further. I added a ton of folders to my file. I am hoping I will have a place to put everything as I get it and not have to worry about making more files for awhile. At least from now on, I would only need to add a surname folder as I find new surnames to enter in my tree.

I have been asked to share how I set up my system, so here is my outline.

I start with my main file ~

Family History File

(Main Folder that holds all of my genealogy files)

In this file I have approximately 235 files broken down by surnames, in alpha order:
Example ~ First  folder = Avery
Next folder = Bakken
                                                  Next folder = Barthle, etc. through the alphabet

Now, some of these surname files have been broken down further yet. Some families have so many people in them that it suits me better to give each child their own folder. Maybe I have a lot of information on a certain individual, they may get their own folder also.

Example ~ Harding, Alice
Harding, Bruce
Harding, Edna
Harding, Florence

Some of these broken down folders may be siblings of each other, cousins, or maybe not even in the same family (yet?). I have found I like having a folder for some females with their surname and another folder with the husband and her married name. Then I file pre marriage items in the surname folder and married items in the married couples folder. It makes for a quicker look when I want something.   

 Olson, Joseph
                                                          Olson, Mary
                                                          Olson, Nadine
      Olson, Veronica

Example ~ Nadine Olson gets married to John Hasenkamp. They would have a folder~

Hasenkamp, John & Nadine

But, Nadine still would keep her maiden name folder also. As I said though, I only do this with the ones I have a lot of information on, not all females.

And the final step ~ inside EVERY person or couples folder I have added five more folders. The folder names I entered may not be what you would want to call your folders, but you will get the idea.

Forms Charts
Vital Records

In essence, I have made my online folders very similar to my binders and how I organize them. Each of my binders is broken into categories, as now are my online files. Sometimes, I may add to an online folder for a person, such as: “Misc.” or “House” or “Personal” or whatever, when I have a lot of information on a certain individual and don’t it all listed under documents.

Because I started this a couple years ago, going through this time wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. I had the right idea with the “NAME” folders, and I had added three of the additional folders to the inside of most folders already. This time I decided I wanted 5 categories, and I needed to break out some of my lines more which probably took the longest time. And, with each new family name folder I made, I had to make those 5 folders to put inside also. Plus, I had to go through all those duplicates folders, item by item (That may actually have taken me the longest time).

A little here and a little there, it is now complete! I should be able to easily add a name folder whenever I need one, and the 5 folders to go along with it, they will always be consistent, even if I know a person may not have been in a census yet. It is routine and the same straight across the board. One day these people may be in a census, and the folder will already be there. I do not plan on changing this routine anymore, so I should be set. 

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Monday, October 29, 2012

"NEHGS Comes West" and I Was There! Post #2

 If you missed Post #1 of this series, you can catch up HERE.

The seminar opened at 8:30 for Registration, Book Sales, Silent Auction and a Continental Breakfast which was then followed with a welcome message.

The event hosted eight classes that day. We were able to choose four to attend. Two classes were presented simultaneously during each session, which meant we were able to see four total sessions for the day.

The speakers were Rhonda McClure and David Lambert, each lecturing four classes.

Rhonda McClure’s classes were ~
      1.     Unique Resources In New York State Research
      2.     Researching New York City Ancestors
           3.     The Golden Door Has Locks Tracing Immigrant Ancestors
           4.     I Can’t Find It: Understanding Online Search Limitations (covering Ancestry.com, FamilySearch and others)

David Lambert’s classes were ~
 1.     Beyond The Grave: Looking Past Your Ancestors Death Records
 2.     New Resources on AmericanAncestors.org for New England Research
 3.     Getting The Most Out of New England Vital Records Online, In Print and On Film
 4.     Researching New England Military Records

At the end of the second class, at noon, we were given a wonderful lunch, chicken, pasta, salad, veggies and rolls.  There was more time for book sales and the Silent Auction.

After lunch we attended our last two classes. To end the day there was No Host Reception, which was followed by dinner with a presentation by Brenton Simons, Red Alert! Save Your Family History Now!  The reception and dinner were held nearby at “McCormick & Schmick’s – Spenger’s Fresh Food Grotto” right there in Berkeley.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

"NEHGS Comes West" and I Was There! Post #1

From Berkeley ~ Looking at the Port of Oakland
Taken by Cheryl Palmer on Friday, October 26, 2012.

The California Genealogical Society hosted "NEHGS Comes West" which was held a couple of days ago in Berkeley. A few weeks back Angela from "Leaves of Heritage" and I committed to attend together and we purchased our tickets. Thankfully, I committed when I did or I may not have attended. I never even found time to go over the sessions being offered, but Angela insisted she would go over them with me while I drove to the event.

It was an EARLY morning, especially for her, she needed to be up an hour before I did, and it was way to early for me these days. As I was getting ready, I kept thinking about my roommate from Jamboree and how we had a "plan" for getting ready in the mornings. We had a schedule which worked out real well for us. My roommate woke happy and cheerful every morning, and me, well, I guess I can say I am more grumpy until I have some coffee. Reminiscing about getting ready at Jamboree made me smile this early morning as I got ready. My roommate at Jamboree was none other than Angela, so getting ready that particular morning almost felt like I was getting ready for Jamboree. 

As expected, Angela showed up at my house right on time and we headed off. My husband thought we would need 2 hours to get where we needed to go in Berkeley from my house. Commute traffic is horrible where I live, it has been known as the second L.A. traffic jam. It turned out we could not have had better luck, we got there in a half hour! Completely unheard of I say! We must have left early enough to miss the commute traffic or something because we sailed right along. Now we had an hour and a half to wait for the event to start, but that was cool, so much better than being late, and Angela and I can kill that time easily. We saw someone with a cup of Starbucks and decided to go find the store.

From Berkeley Marina ~ Bay Bridge to Treasure Island and San Francisco
Taken by Cheryl Palmer on Friday, October 26, 2012

We drove up and down University Boulevard in Berkeley and never saw a Starbucks. We did however find a McDonalds and decided to stop there for our coffee. The upper class sure didn't hang out there. Along with "bags" outside the door and all over inside, the place was pretty scumy. We ordered our coffees and decided to drink them in the car. Anglea bought me a coffee for driving, so sweet of her. Thank you Angela! We got back in the car and realized our coffees were not what we ordered. Oh no! We both looked at each other and said we would "keep what we had" almost simultaneously. Neither of us wanted to go back inside.

Berkeley Marina looking at San Francisco.
Taken by Cheryl Palmer on Friday, October 26, 2012

We visited in the car for an hour or so and headed back to Hs Lordships, the restaurant hosting the seminar we were going to attend. The restaurant is on the Berkeley Marina and the views that morning were beautiful. We got there about 7:00 a.m. and had plenty of time so I took a few pictures before we went looking for coffee.

Berkeley Marina looking at the Golden Gate Bridge.
Photo taken by Cheryl Palmer on October 26, 2012.

More about this event in next post!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

****This post was scheduled to post on Oct. 23rd but did not post. Posting now.

Annette Neva Harding ~ Age 15


Today, Annette Neva Fleming, my mother, would have been 76 years old. She passed away January 7, 2001 at the young age of 64. She died of cancer. She only survived 8 years after her own mother passed away, but 22 years after her father passed away. She had one step brother who passed away 13 years before she did. 

Happy Birthday to you Mom! You are missed and will never be forgotten! 

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Organizing Update

Well, I am still at it! Going through each of my Family History Files on my computer and reorganizing, hopefully for the LAST time. It is going well, I am currently finishing up with the O’s. I have separated and added MANY files as I found several families in one main surname folder. Shuffle, Shuffle…I am REALLY pleased with how it is all working out!

Been trying to decide how I should go through each person on my Family Tree Program. I started once and went through “one line” of the several that I have. My tree doesn’t start out with four lines like most people, mine starts out with 6 lines. Working through the one line made for a long boring stint. Probably why I never finished. Should I go from me backwards? Work through each line? Maybe, alphabetically… Such decisions.

Upon writing this I just now decided! I think I will quickly double check the one line I previously went through first. I want to make sure everything is copasetic, and then I will go through alphabetically from there on out. Maybe that won’t get as monotonous, we’ll see. So, that is the plan. I can start working sources, and information with each individual in my tree now also.

I miss researching, but I have vowed to have everything in order before I go any further. It is a lot of work now and would only be worse if I don’t get everything the way I want it!

I have lots to do, best get to it. I am off to work on my computer files….

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Need to be Refreshed, Invigorated, Revitalized?

I did need to be refreshed, invigorated and revitalized, and this is what helped me!

Debbie, from Mascot Manor Genealogy, started hosting a "Writers Group" meeting for our local society at her home this year. I haven't been able to go to the meeting in eons, but yesterday I made it a point to attend. I am so very glad I did! All work and no play makes for a very boring life...

As Debbie pointed out to me, even though I may not have accomplished any writing on my "personal goals," I have started writing on my blog again. Such an eye opener for me. She is correct! Blog Posts here have been slim this year. For awhile it seemed like just another chore to me, writing a blog post, only because I've had so much going on. 

Now, today, it seems new again and I am excited to get back to blogging. As Debbie says, blogging is writing, right? Right!

Attending the meeting yesterday was great fun! I have missed talking with a small group about genealogy. It was very interesting, and invigorating. Debbie herself has completed a book and it is wonderful. Kudos to her! Seeing this wonderful book and visiting with other genealogy minded people has put a spark in me that I have been missing. I left telling everyone, "I had to go because I had so much to do accomplish!"

The best part? I came home and accomplished a good part of one of my most recent goals, which I will talk about later in another post. This meeting "jump started" me, and I NEED to attend more of them!

Thank you Debbie for hosting this monthly event! Thank you for making me realize I am "writing." I promise I will try to attend more often!

What do you think you need to give you that jump start again? A conference? A meeting? A research trip? What is it that will give YOU that feeling of revitalization, excitement, desire? 

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Those Places Thursday ~ San Francisco

This is a "memory post" of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake which was 23 years ago yesterday.

I was in a vehicle driving to pick up my daughters from what was probably a soccer practice so I never really felt the quake.

The commotion and after affects was where I got more caught up into it. It was all over the news, the earthquake and fire in the city. The phones weren't working, we couldn't call and check on our loved ones. Neighbors got together to comfort and talk about the event while watching the news, as we patiently waited for things to unfold.

One of my sisters lived in San Francisco at the time, but she wasn't home. She was in fact going to the World Series game between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A's. (I sometimes wonder why I wasn't also attending this event?) Needless to say, she felt the quake as did all of the others who were attending this major event.

My father worked on the waterfront when this quake hit. His office had a window which looked out to the bay. He watched as the Bay Bridge collapsed. I still can not imagine what he was thinking watching something like that. He knew someone who died when the Cyprus freeway collapsed. 

I feel so fortunate that no one I knew personally had any major issues from the earthquake. My friends and family were all safe. 

The San Francisco Bay Area is known for earthquakes, but it doesn't mean we are are complacent with them. It has almost been a quarter of a century since this earthquake and right now I am wondering when the next one will be.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Fleming's

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Organization Update and Question

Wow! I am so impressed with myself and can not believe how GOOD it feels to accomplish something for ME!

I have made progress! It has only been about four years since his passing but I FINALLY have my biological father's things in order! I have made his own binder and every piece of paperwork is in an archival free protector. He is in my "NEW TREE"on the computer and everything is attached to him and sourced, at least what I have in the computer thus far.

I have also decided to update and re-organize my "genealogy people files"on my computer. I have been absolutely amazed at how many "new" file folders I needed to add. Each folder is getting the exact same folders inside, census, pictures, vital records etc. It has been a lot of work, but I tend to do it in the late evening when I am getting tired and can sit and relax. It is a bit more "mindless" work to do. I have progressed to the family names starting with "He" so I am not quite half way through yet, but I am so happy with the results.

Beginning the new tree is the toughest and takes the longest as that is where I have the most paperwork to organize. I have entered maybe 40-50 people in the new tree, but refuse to add any more until I am sure I have all pertinent paperwork filed appropriately in a binder also. I have several people filed in a binder already, but doing this one just seemed so major for me to do. As I get to other's it shouldn't take as long to go through.

So my process is to enter a person in the tree with all documentation attached and sourced. Then, I make sure documents are in a binder and filed appropriately. I also want to make sure the persons file on my computer is also up to date. It isn't that I wasn't organized before, it is that I hadn't kept up properly with it. I have also added more folders into each person's folder. I see light at the end of the tunnel and am so excited see it completed!

The only thing I haven't decided on is whether to add all photos to the person in my tree, or just a few, or maybe just one for the profile picture. I am currently using Family Tree Maker for MAC.

I am curious what others do, do you add all your pictures into your program? I can see pros and cons both ways. I hope you will comment and let me know what you do!

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beading, Lunch, Webinar, Genealogy ~ A Great Day!

Yesterday I did not have grandchildren to watch or dogs to care for so without guilt (should have been cleaning house-but it was much to hot at somewhere around 100 degrees, give or take) I decided to spend the day beading. My newest, additional hobby. I have several things in the making and a couple things I really wanted to work on.

I snuck away into the studio before anyone could sideswipe me. It was not long after I sat in the studio though, when I heard a phone message hitting someone's phone. Thought it was my husbands, but he quickly informed me it was mine. I originally had plans to go to lunch with a couple friends, but one needed to cancel, so I assumed the whole event was off. My other friend still wanted to meet however, so we decided on a half way point between us and enjoyed a wonder couple of hours visiting and catching up on life. We do not often get opportunities to meet like this when both of my friends work, so it was really nice a couple of us were able to hook up.

I still was able to spend a couple hours beading before lunch, and when I came back home, I was at the beading station again for a couple more hours. 

(This is one of the items I am working on, this time in blues and greens)

At about 5:30 I logged into Dear Myrtle's webinar, "Photo Editing" which she hosted with her daughter Carrie Keele. Russ Worthington was also tuned in to help with Twitter.  I listened to a webinar last week pertaining to LinkedIn. These were the first webinars I have attended in several months and I really enjoyed them both! I loved that both were interactive too! In case you missed the Dear Myrtle webinar she will have an archived version in a "Pay to View" area on her website to defray costs of providing the archive on the web. It shouldn't cost much, although I do not know how much. I do know it was well worth it! Thank you Dear Myrtle, Carrie Keele and their cousin Russ Worthington for the great webinar!  

In case you haven't heard,  Dear Myrtle is the founder of GenaWebinars. Be sure to look at this site for upcoming webinars! There is always a webinar or two you will be interested in!

My husband cooked dinner, YES! I did clean up and I was back at the beading station. While I was beading, I was thinking how I could best accomplish the tasks I wanted to with my genealogy and I finally came up with a plan that just may help me be a bit more proficient and productive. Yes, starting at the very beginning...(a very good place to start...) I was content at midnight that I had accomplished some beading goals and had such a wonderful day! 

A sample ~ applied a bit of what I learned at the webinar last night.

Oh, yes, but I still needed to do my "15 minutes" of genealogy before bed! Ok, logged into my family tree, and an hour later I was so energized and into what I was doing, I didn't even want to think of going to bed! I really needed to go to bed however as I had the princess coming in the morning for the day. It took me an hour to unwind and fall asleep...but what a fun day!

I did not practice any Swedish language however, but will be on my list for today! For now, I am off to have another great day with the princess!
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