Those Places Thursday ~ San Francisco

This is a "memory post" of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake which was 23 years ago yesterday.

I was in a vehicle driving to pick up my daughters from what was probably a soccer practice so I never really felt the quake.

The commotion and after affects was where I got more caught up into it. It was all over the news, the earthquake and fire in the city. The phones weren't working, we couldn't call and check on our loved ones. Neighbors got together to comfort and talk about the event while watching the news, as we patiently waited for things to unfold.

One of my sisters lived in San Francisco at the time, but she wasn't home. She was in fact going to the World Series game between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A's. (I sometimes wonder why I wasn't also attending this event?) Needless to say, she felt the quake as did all of the others who were attending this major event.

My father worked on the waterfront when this quake hit. His office had a window which looked out to the bay. He watched as the Bay Bridge collapsed. I still can not imagine what he was thinking watching something like that. He knew someone who died when the Cyprus freeway collapsed. 

I feel so fortunate that no one I knew personally had any major issues from the earthquake. My friends and family were all safe. 

The San Francisco Bay Area is known for earthquakes, but it doesn't mean we are are complacent with them. It has almost been a quarter of a century since this earthquake and right now I am wondering when the next one will be.

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  1. Although I live in British Columbia, Canada, I remember this earthquake and how I heard about it on the news that evening. A few months later in January 1990, my husband was sent on a training course to the San Francisco area (specifically San Jose) and I accompanied him. One day while he was at work, I took a bus tour of the city. The driver wasn't able to travel on certain streets, because they weren't yet repaired or were still unstable. The damage was quite a sight for me to see, as I had never before witnessed the after-effects of an earthquake.

  2. Yvonne, you certainly had a first hand look at the aftermath then of the earthquake. I never saw San Francisco right after myself, but this reminds me of the Oakland Hill's fire. I did see the aftermath of that and it was not pretty. Looked like it was the dead middle of a war zone. Thank you for commenting!


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