Beading, Lunch, Webinar, Genealogy ~ A Great Day!

Yesterday I did not have grandchildren to watch or dogs to care for so without guilt (should have been cleaning house-but it was much to hot at somewhere around 100 degrees, give or take) I decided to spend the day beading. My newest, additional hobby. I have several things in the making and a couple things I really wanted to work on.

I snuck away into the studio before anyone could sideswipe me. It was not long after I sat in the studio though, when I heard a phone message hitting someone's phone. Thought it was my husbands, but he quickly informed me it was mine. I originally had plans to go to lunch with a couple friends, but one needed to cancel, so I assumed the whole event was off. My other friend still wanted to meet however, so we decided on a half way point between us and enjoyed a wonder couple of hours visiting and catching up on life. We do not often get opportunities to meet like this when both of my friends work, so it was really nice a couple of us were able to hook up.

I still was able to spend a couple hours beading before lunch, and when I came back home, I was at the beading station again for a couple more hours. 

(This is one of the items I am working on, this time in blues and greens)

At about 5:30 I logged into Dear Myrtle's webinar, "Photo Editing" which she hosted with her daughter Carrie Keele. Russ Worthington was also tuned in to help with Twitter.  I listened to a webinar last week pertaining to LinkedIn. These were the first webinars I have attended in several months and I really enjoyed them both! I loved that both were interactive too! In case you missed the Dear Myrtle webinar she will have an archived version in a "Pay to View" area on her website to defray costs of providing the archive on the web. It shouldn't cost much, although I do not know how much. I do know it was well worth it! Thank you Dear Myrtle, Carrie Keele and their cousin Russ Worthington for the great webinar!  

In case you haven't heard,  Dear Myrtle is the founder of GenaWebinars. Be sure to look at this site for upcoming webinars! There is always a webinar or two you will be interested in!

My husband cooked dinner, YES! I did clean up and I was back at the beading station. While I was beading, I was thinking how I could best accomplish the tasks I wanted to with my genealogy and I finally came up with a plan that just may help me be a bit more proficient and productive. Yes, starting at the very beginning...(a very good place to start...) I was content at midnight that I had accomplished some beading goals and had such a wonderful day! 

A sample ~ applied a bit of what I learned at the webinar last night.

Oh, yes, but I still needed to do my "15 minutes" of genealogy before bed! Ok, logged into my family tree, and an hour later I was so energized and into what I was doing, I didn't even want to think of going to bed! I really needed to go to bed however as I had the princess coming in the morning for the day. It took me an hour to unwind and fall asleep...but what a fun day!

I did not practice any Swedish language however, but will be on my list for today! For now, I am off to have another great day with the princess!
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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. What a wonderful day! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Great day of adventure Cheryl, Thanks for sharing the day. I am going to have to figure how to attend the web-a-nairs. I always seem to miss them time wise.

  3. I need to catch up on some webinars myself Susi!

  4. Debbie, has been a long time since I had a day where I had fun AND felt like I accomplished something fun in the same day!


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