Organizing Update

Well, I am still at it! Going through each of my Family History Files on my computer and reorganizing, hopefully for the LAST time. It is going well, I am currently finishing up with the O’s. I have separated and added MANY files as I found several families in one main surname folder. Shuffle, Shuffle…I am REALLY pleased with how it is all working out!

Been trying to decide how I should go through each person on my Family Tree Program. I started once and went through “one line” of the several that I have. My tree doesn’t start out with four lines like most people, mine starts out with 6 lines. Working through the one line made for a long boring stint. Probably why I never finished. Should I go from me backwards? Work through each line? Maybe, alphabetically… Such decisions.

Upon writing this I just now decided! I think I will quickly double check the one line I previously went through first. I want to make sure everything is copasetic, and then I will go through alphabetically from there on out. Maybe that won’t get as monotonous, we’ll see. So, that is the plan. I can start working sources, and information with each individual in my tree now also.

I miss researching, but I have vowed to have everything in order before I go any further. It is a lot of work now and would only be worse if I don’t get everything the way I want it!

I have lots to do, best get to it. I am off to work on my computer files….

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. It seems very organized and good. I wonder how you have organized your files for each person? If you have both pictures and documents, and stories about one person gathered for that person in a special folder? I really need to learn from you, because I do not have my genealogy in very good order, unfortunately ...I will read and learn from you!

  2. Hi Yvonne, thank you for your comment! I will do a post explaining better what I am doing, very soon, ok? :-)


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