Genealogy Do Over ~ Week 4

I was very excited to read week 4 of Thomas's Genealogy Do Over. I was more than ready to move forward and quit working on "me." A lot of time was spent finding and adding sources to my research log, and working on that first person in my newest tree, "me." Now I am quite tired of "me." 

What I got excited about was starting another Excel worksheet! Yes, I know there are several of you who really don't care for Excel, but I love it! I have enjoyed entering information into the research log, and already feel and see the benefit of having it. So, yes to a new log!

Thomas MacEntee, of Geneabloggers fame, shares his "project management skills" with us in week four, and as I was reading his post I was already seeing the use of this log for much more than genealogy. I need one for my whole retired life! (I am not kidding!) I set up a template this evening. The bottom tabs in my workbook are rather small and hard to read. I spent quite a bit of time searching for a way to enlarge the tabs and words and finally found that I can't do it within Excel, so I have moved on and will let this be, for now. 

I filled in all the sheets with Thomas's samples, and saved it as a template, copyrighted of course, by him. Then I started my own worksheet. My list  is full for tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing the total amount of time I spend on each category for a week, and a month.

Over the years I feel I have slowed down and don't work quite as fast as I used to. As we age, I believe some of you may have noticed this also, our days seem to go so much quicker. At the end of every day I am shocked at how little I feel I have accomplished. I set my goals high, so lately I am disappointed because I don't seem to accomplish all that I feel I should. I am forever trying to figure out how to add more hours to my day. This log is sure to be an eye opener and a big help to me. 

I understand there is a tab in the Research Log template called "Search Attempts." I apparently didn't copy any tabs from that template, so I will go find it and adjust mine. Even though Thomas says we will think he is nuts doing this, I know the logic behind it and I am not laughing. I do not want to keep doing the same tasks over and over. This is my next step, preparing the Search Attempt's file.

Until next time...

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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