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I have been side tracked by life in general and recently found time to return to the Genealogy Do Over hosted by Thomas MacEntee at Geneabloggers. I quickly became stressed as I had no idea where I previously left off... sound familiar? (This was exactly as you feel when you don't use a research log, correct?)

I chose to read up on other's progress and watched Thomas MacEntee's webinar with Legacy, again. This time it wasn't late at night, and I took notes. The combination of these two things gave me a new frame of mind and the incentive I needed to get back on track.

You will never guess (at least those who know what I have been doing the past couple of years) what I decided to do now. Start another new tree! I originally stated that I would not be doing that, however, it is what needs to happen for several reasons. Thirteen weeks isn't that long a period of time, although I will do these thirteen weeks as time permits. This commitment of time will allow me to really work the process which hopefully will turn into a productive routine. My decision to start yet another tree and go at my own pace, really took the stress and panic away.

Next, I went back through the first three weeks again, because I am no longer following the modified version. I made notes from each week of the Do-Over. I am committed to using Thomas's Research Log. I plan to use family group sheets and other forms. I do not plan to use any of my old research or documents unless it is a document I paid for or is an original.

The back of a photo in one of my Lundberg grandparent's albums.

Here are the first three weeks of my Genealogy Do Over...Do Over!

"Re"- Do Over - Week 1

I have set my previous research aside and started my brand new tree. The last couple of days I have been preparing to research and organizing photos that still need to be scanned. I moved all of my loose paperwork aside, for now. I will not be using my latest "re"-do tree for this process.

I made a list of my genealogy goals, which will mostly likely be an ongoing project.

A) Digitize photos. Scan, scan scan.
B) Digitize any original or paid for documents that haven't been already scanned.
C) Label documents and photos with a tried and true convention of my choosing.
D)  Share! Share! Share!

"Re"- Do Over -Week 2

1) Conducting a self interview - I have been working on my life history for a few years off and on. However, I wrote up a quick page on myself to give a different perspective for this process. Next, I will gather the documents to proof the points. I have filled out a group sheet including my parents and myself.

2) Conduct family interviews - I have been doing this for several years, meeting up with the living and gleaning what information I can from them while I can. I did realize though that I have one uncle and one aunt who is still alive that I need to interview some more.
3) Setting Research Goals - I am seriously thinking about committing to Evernote for my research and genealogy in general. I will make research plans according to the proof I need after analyzing my Family Group Sheet.

"Re"- Do Over - Week 3

A) Tracking Research
I have been using The Research Log that Thomas supplied, but not long enough yet to decide if I want to adapt it. If you haven't yet, you can check it out here~

Excel Version of the Genealogy Research Log 

Google Sheets Version of the Genealogy Research Log

B) Conducting Research ~ I will look for those items needed to prove the "Who, What and Where" about me. I will transcribe those documents, one by one, and log the information into my research log.

I really like the three main Golden Rules of Genealogy that Thomas posted ~

A) Track all work, even dead ends, negative evidence and non productive research.
B) Cite sources, even if only in a rudimentary manner to know the "Who, What and Where" information about a record.
C) Make the first pass the only pass.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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