Genealogy Do-Over ~ Week One's Progress

 Following Thomas MacEntee's Group over at Geneabloggers.

Week One: Jan 2-8, 2015

1. Setting Previous research aside
2. Preparing to Research
3. Establishing Base Practices and Guidelines.


I am not working “All In” as you may remember.  I am a “modified participant.”

    1.  I am working on a tree I just updated over the past couple of years.  I will set aside the binders,  folders and papers, and will only pull documents I paid for or are difficult to find, if absolutely desperate.   
    2.   I am sorting my paper/photo piles that need organizing and scanning.   
    3.   Six warm up exercises to use when I research. (Will I really stick to this routine?)

A.     Be sure to have a research log and use it!
B.     Make a list of information I wish to locate.
C.     Decide how and where I will research for the information I am looking for, make a plan.
D.    Read every detail on found document.
E.     Source and cite everything, the good, the bad and the ugly.
F.     Mark items I have completed, so I know where to start next time.
G.     Scan and file new documents.

I took a look back at my paternal grandparents sources and information tonight and found a couple stupid errors already, and this is my do-over! At some point, I have no idea what I was thinking, I entered and cited census sources as facts!  I found three of them between my grandfather and grandmother’s facts list. I immediately deleted them and went through every fact on each of these two people, adding the facts those sources were suppose to go to. Then I added the source to the correct fact.

It felt good after I fixed the errors. I immediately checked every fact and source for each of my grandparents making sure nothing else looked haywire. Now, as I continue along, I will be watchful for any other errors. Thankfully, I have more sourcing to do so I will be reviewing almost everyone in my tree anyway.

I also found a couple of people entered which hadn't been sourced. Tonight I went through one of these family lines and sourced everything I had entered. Now, I just have to remember where I saw the other un-sourced information… 

Thanks for stopping by! 

 Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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