October 20 ~ Remembering ~ Today, and in My Family History

TODAY ~ OCTOBER 20, 2014

My second cousin twice removed, a "Living Fry."
My second cousin, a "Living Spurlin."
My third cousin once removed, a "Living Olsen."
My third cousin, a "Living Erickson."

MARRIED on October 20 
My fourth cousin once removed, a "Living Steinwedel."
(m. Mc Ilvaine)
My third cousin once removed, a "Living Honrud."
(m. Boxx)

May They Rest in Peace

Born October 20, 1829
The wife of the father-in-law of first cousin three times removed of my step father, Ellen Coumans. She would have been 185 years old today.
Died October 20
The wife of my grand uncle, a Fell.
Died October 20, 1782
My fifth great grandfather, Per Person Lunde Ostre.
Died October 20
The second cousin of my step father, a Farrell.

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