My Granddaughter ~ Two Steps Ahead Of Me

 Princess Lulu asked me why I do genealogy all the time. I asked her, "Do you know what genealogy is?" My five year old granddaughter replied, "No." 

I explained to her that I love my family, and I love to learn more about them, especially those who are no longer with us. She thought about this for a minute and answered, "Oh, you mean like the grandma that was with grandpa L.?" (The grandmother she is referring to would be my mother, her great grandmother, who passed away before she was born.) "Yes, like her."

A few weeks later, I again picked up Princess Lulu and brought her home to get ready for her dance classes. She pulled out a paper she did at ESS (the after school program) and said, "Look what I made grandma!"

I looked and saw a bunch of different color painted blobs on a piece of paper next to each other. I replied, "Oh, how beautiful Lulu! What are they?"

"Oh grandma, don't you know?"

"This is (pointing to the green spots) Me, Mommy, You, Pa, and my Brother. (She actually said everyone's name and wrote them on the back of the paper). 

And these (the pink) are my cousins in Costa Rica. (She asked how to spell everyone's name, but I told her there are to many, so she wrote on the back, Cousins in Costa Rica.) The next row (Red), she named her other grandparents, Grammy and Grandpa G. and then added "and the Grandma who died." (My mom.) 

Now, the yellow and pink. What or who did they represent? She said (the yellow), "Rosko, Riley and Ninja." ( Her dog, our dog and her cat who all recently died.)

The pink?

"The pink is all of the animals I know."

Now, how is that for Princess Lulu's first family tree? It wasn't a class assignment, or art project. It was her imagination she used while painting in the daycare after school.


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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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