Sweden ~ My Dream ~ Photos & Stories Series

I am not sure why it has taken me so long to write about my time in Sweden and meeting my family. Maybe, deep down, I have been afraid the most amazing trip of my life will finally, really and truly, be over if I share it. The time has come, however, I am ready to share! I look forward to reliving every moment of this fantastic journey. You will soon be able read about my experiences and joy, see photos and share in one of the most breathtaking times of my life.

My initial thoughts were to share the sequence of our trip in order, London, Baltic cruise and Sweden. Knowing I could easily take my blog posts and make a book from them (I have done several books with Shutterfly and love them) I started out with our trip day by day, so it would be in chronological order for the books I plan to put together. Quickly, I realized our few days in London ran into almost 40 posts. I finished the London experience but knew I couldn't continue at that rate. Time for a change.

The change? Well, I seriously thought about using Flipboard, as Randy Seaver suggested to me. I researched and thought about it and decided I am too limited time wise to work with something new at this point. I am comfortable with my blog and as I have time I can work on posts easily. Besides that, this trip was almost a year ago already, I can not take forever to get this experience in print. No. Cannot. (I hope I don't forget anything important!)

 I just returned from a two week trip to Costa Rica. Since this trip was planned for awhile I knew I wouldn't want to start this series say, a month or so before leaving. Instead, I have been thinking a bit on how I wish to approach these posts.

I decided I won't be going through our eleven day Baltic cruise, at least not now. Since I can easily categorize our month long trip into three sections, London, Baltic Cruise, and Sweden, I have chosen to skip over the cruise, for now anyway. London, I have already covered here on this blog. I could actually cover the cruise on my photo blog. A photo book can easily be made from that blog as well. We then are left with Sweden, the most important part of the trip, especially for this blog. 

I do not plan to post this experience necessarily in sequential order. Instead, I will post my stories, what we did, who we met, where we stayed, etc., as well as share photos. Expect however, a post about my first day in Sweden as well as the last. 

One of the tougher items I have been debating is how to title these posts, so everyone would be aware it is a post truly regarding my trip IN Sweden. "My Swedish Adventure" posts have covered a few years, so I wanted something new  and exciting. I have decided to begin the title of each of these posts with:

My Journey in Sweden ~

Each post will cover a specific person place or thing, and that specific "thing" will be added to the title. I am anxious to share with you, I hope you will follow!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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