The Book Of Me Written By You~Prompt 34~Easter Memories

I am participating in Julie Goucher's activity:

Prompt for week 34 is ~ Easter Memories

What does Easter Mean to you?

A religious event?
The first main break (in the UK) since Christmas and New Year
A more general Spring/Autumn event
Easter Bunnies

I was not raised religiously, so going to church on major religious holidays may have only happened once or twice in my lifetime. Easter makes me think of children and yes, bunnies, baskets, eggs and chocolate.

My fondest memories from when I was young was going to my maternal grandfather's, George Milton Harding's, for Easter Egg Hunts and great meals cooked for us by grandma Helen. They had a great backyard which included a pond.  We always wore a dress on Easter, but never gloves or hats. I do not have memories of coloring Easter Eggs as a child, but I am sure we did. The suddenly, we were grown up and there weren't any kids. The family still got together for meals. 

When I married and after my daughter was born, the holiday became fun once again. It is all about the kids for me, watching them have fun seeing what the Easter Bunny brought them, coloring and finding eggs. 

1988 ~ The girls and a cousin.

When I married the second time Easter traditions moved to our house. My daughter's birthday is in April, generally close to Easter, so we celebrated both events the same day.

 I remember one Easter in particular... my grandma Helen (she was married to my grandfather George Milton Harding)   started teaching everyone the line dance to "Elvira." 

Grandma is teaching one of her great granddaughters in this photo. 
Below you can see they have made way to the edge of the deck. We had an especially great day that year.

Grandma out did me when I was 16. That is what I've always said after and I watched her roller skate around our swimming pool several times. It was then that I realized I wouldn't always be able to keep up with her. I wonder if I ever let her in on these thoughts? 

At the time this photo was taken grandma was still ice skating, actually ice dancing! She loved to dance, anyway she could fit it in. 

I believe it was on this Easter event that my grandmother asked my husband if he would take her water skiing. She  never tried before, maybe there never was the means. Anyway, she liked our speed boat and decided she wanted to try it out. My husband looked at me as if to ask "how do I reply to that?" I told him if that is what she wants to do then tell her sure, you will take her. That made her very happy, the excitement spread all over her face. Unfortunately, she became ill before she got the chance to show off for us.

We used to mostly hide Easter eggs in the backyard, but a couple of times we did hide them in the front yard as the kids becomes older. Living on a corner, there were many more options of hiding places in the front yard. 

These days, the prince and princess (my grandchildren) are what make my holiday the happiest. We watch and sometimes join in coloring the eggs, which is now done at their house. I generally play photographer though so I don't participate as much as my husband. It's always fun to see the kids get gifts, so we have enjoyed giving them an Easter basket from us. I always liked to make them myself so they were more customized. 


We try to stay away from candy as much as possible. Times have changed, candy is so available and sugar is something to avoid as much as possible. Mom and dad really watch what our grandchildren eat, they are great parents. This past Easter we didn't give a basket, they are getting older and it is tougher to fill those baskets, especially when you wish to avoid the candy. We gave each of them a "special thing or two" and they were happy. After all, it is about the Easter Bunny giving baskets! 


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 Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Sounds like you have continued the Easter tradtions through the generations. I have a photograph of my grandchildren sitting on stairs like those above waiting for an Easter egg hunt. I should have included it. Maybe I will bring Easter up through the generations.

  2. That is what is great about reading other's posts too, if gives you ideas! Posts can always be adapted in fact…I need to do one to this post! Soon…Thank you for commenting Kristin!


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