The Book of Me Written by You~Prompt 31~What makes you proud?

I am participating in Julie Goucher's activity:

Prompt for week 31 is

This week's prompt is - What makes you proud?

Your achievements
Against the odds
Your Family Members
Friends and Colleagues

The first and most important person I should be proud of is myself. The very first time I felt proud of myself was in second grade when I won a poetry contest. My teacher picked me up to take me to the library one night where I read my poem to an audience. 

Other things I remember about my youth that made me proud: 

  • When I learned to sew my own clothes 
  • When I passed my drivers test (on the first try)
  • Getting good grades throughout school  
  • Being a spirit week cheerleader   
  • Graduating from high school and cosmetology school and 2 months later passing state board to become a licensed cosmetologist, all at the age of 17.

I also am proud that I was able to bring someone through rehab to sobriety, not an easy task. I am proud to have learned to water ski, drive a stick, and ride a motorcycle at a later age in life. I am proud for the volunteer work I have done with our Harley Group and my genealogy society. I am proud that I have been on the board for both organizations.

At a genealogy society meeting, 2014. 

Beyond myself, I am extremely proud of my husband for being the strong man he is. He has suffered from a lot of back pain over the years (due to a 50 ft. fall, while working, onto cement) but continued to work when he was told he couldn't. He worked through the pain and made it to retirement, even though he was told he was 25 1/2 % disabled and would never be able to do his job. 

My husband is the one who makes sure we communicate when we really need to. He gets the credit for keeping our blended family together when I didn't think I could. He has supported me, and loved me through our marriage, and continues to do so. In fact, today is our 26th anniversary!

Happy anniversary to us!

I am very proud of my daughter. When she wants something, she works hard to get it. She is responsible, and an awesome veterinary technician, having learned on the job after two years of college. She is now the office manager at the vet hospital where she works. 

My daughter completed yoga teacher training, and loves teaching yoga. She has a heart of gold and will help anyone who needs it. As busy as she is (and that is crazy busy) she makes sure she spends quality time with her friends as well as her family. Her two children are as active as she is. 

She is blessed with a great husband and I am proud of him, too. He works hard and has a very stable job. He supports her (as she does him) in all her adventures and assists with anything anyone needs. On the side, he occasionally teaches Jujitsu, and is completing his Jujitsu massage training.  

They have a wonderful family.

My daughter doing a yoga pose for her website. 

My (step) daughter ~ I am also very proud of her! She earned a scholarship for college and graduated with a degree, the first college graduate in our family. She went to school in Kentucky and played softball (earned her scholarship playing softball) for Western Kentucky University. 

The only unfortunate thing is that she stayed back in Tennessee and never came home. She won't miss a Christmas at home however! She missed one year and swore she would never miss another, and so far she hasn't. 

She has a great job, bought a house and has a boyfriend of several years who has now become a fire department captain. She helped raise a little girl when the parents weren't able. This darling little girl has come with our daughter to California, stayed with us and toured San Francisco. She has also traveled to Disneyland and Costa Rica with our family. She is a great girl, growing up fast and actually looks like she could biologically be our daughter's daughter. She lives with her wonderful grandparents these days and has a stable life. She spends weekends with our daughter, almost as if our daughter were her mother. She will always be a part of our daughter's life and ours.

2010 ~ Step daughter and husband in Tennessee.

I am proud of so many things, I could go on forever. What brings me the most joy these days are my two fantastic grandchildren. I am so very proud of them and love watching them learn as they grow. They are smart, thoughtful, full of energy, loving and caring. Their parents are teaching them well.

There are many things I am proud of when it concerns my parents, grandparents, sisters, extended family and friends, but those will have to wait for another day. My life is not over, and although there are many more items I am proud of, I am sure there will be many more added to my list in years to come. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

 Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. First of all, Happy Anniversary. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, and you have every right to be proud. Also for helping your husband through his heart attack, giving handmade gifts as presents, and for starting a blog, way back in 08. I remember when you excitedly wrote me and said, "I've started a blog!" boy, I bet you didn't know you would be writing about this topic on it. But, I'm glad you did.

  2. Thank you Barbara! I am glad you enjoyed my post. I thank you for the extra added kudos too! You make me blush! You are correct, I never expected I would be writing about this here, but I did. ;-)


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