The Book of Me Written By You ~ Prompt 32 -How do you De-Stress?

I am participating in Julie Goucher's activity:

This week's prompt is - How do you De-Stress?

Anything else?
What triggers your acknowledgement that you need to de-stress?
other pains?
What triggers you stress?
As always, share what you feel comfortable - anything from nothing to.....your choice!


These days, I do not get as much stress as when I was working. Lately, I am finding I stress over my granddaughter's dance competitions, this is her first year in competitions. Because mom had many work  obligations with the business changing ownership where she works, she wasn't available much at the beginning of this season so I played the mom roll. Buying costumes, jewelry, hair, makeup, ballet shoes, tap shoes, etc., etc. I learned  how to do her hair piece and hair, and also worked a bit on the prop.

The 3 girls on the "mini team" each have a prop to bring back and forth to the dance studio and to competitions. It is a good sized prop, made with PCV pipe, felt and paper plates. I really stressed over the prop breaking while in transport, after all, how careful can you be with paper plates? I have been carrying an extra bag of goodies with me to help if any of us have prop failure. Glue (for the pipe), hot glue gun, glue sticks, rhinestones, and velcro in case any of us needed it.

 I can say that during all of the competitions, everything held together and went smoothly. I was a bit nervous at the third competition because as the girls were back stage in line for their performance, someone walked right into my granddaughter's prop, knocking her letter off the prop. I was able to fix it and made sure it was handled with care when being taken onto the stage.

I stressed over the hair piece my granddaughter had to wear in their competitions, her bow, and jewelry. Hey, this mom was used to taking girls to softball practices and high comp travel games, dance is a bit different. If anything falls off while in competition and the judges see it, points are deducted. Girls have been known to loose bobby pins, earrings (especially if their ears are not pierced, like my granddaughter) hair accessories, and even a shoe. I certainly didn't want points taken off for any of my errors!

That is my granddaughter, in the middle, 4 yrs old, my "princess." You can also see their props. Above the top felt piece is a paper plate. Each layer of the felt for each color change, also has thick paper plates. It wouldn't take much to have one of those crumble! Especially since they need to lay on their sides in the car to transport. Parents of older dancers made the props for us, and we added the first initial of their names. One mother painted the letters and I "blinged" them. Then we decided to add rhinestones to the prop, each handling our own. By adding rhinestones to the props they then seemed to have water drops on them, just like at a car wash. The song the girls did their routine to was "Car Wash." Do the props make sense now? 

Rhinestones can fall off  too though.

I stressed that the girls wouldn't perform as good as I knew they could. I wanted my daughter and her husband to see the best of what the princess had been doing, especially because she loves dancing so much and wants to compete again next year. The girls didn't let me down, they out did themselves!


I stress when family members aren't well. I stress when I am running late for an appointment or meeting. 

I stressed when my grandson pitched his first game which also happened to be my husband's first umpiring gig! I wanted the best for each of them, of course. Double the stress though, in one game. 

I stress for no reason, and any reason. 

Below is a photo of my grandson, the "prince," pitching and hubby umpiring.

During each stressful event I just keep busy doing what I need to do and when I am done, I would go sit, take some deep breaths, try to relax and enjoy. 

When I stress I get warm and sweaty... my clues.

I quit my last job because of stress. I had never had stress in any job throughout my life and at the age I was, I didn't believe I should have stress at that point either. Long story short, I quit, which was against my basic beliefs, but the best thing I did.

Over the years I have used many avenues to de-stress. Reading, crocheting, swimming and yoga have all helped at different times. 

Snacking is sometimes a downfall I have when I get stressed. But, if it is major stress, I tend not to eat at all. 

My daughter has had the biggest influence on how I think and deal with stress these days. The yoga teacher in her is training me not to stress over things that haven't happened. I am training myself not to stress over things I have no control over. 

Do you have an idea of what my mantra may be? 

Thanks for stopping by! 

 Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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