"My Great Swedish Adventure"~Post 38~Leaving London

Although we only stayed 3 days in London (I know, you are thinking we were there much longer than three days, but we weren't) we accomplished and saw a lot. I shared many photos, but you only saw a small fraction of the photos I actually took. I usually take 350-500 a day when I am on a trip like this. It takes a lot of time to go through the photos and choose which ones I wanted to use, watermark them and write a post. I apologize it has taken me so long to do this.

It was awesome to hook up with the new friends we made while on our Barcelona Cruise a couple of years ago. Because they were willing to come "play" with us we stayed those extra days in London. I think it had been years since they had been to see the sites, so it was good for them as well. We hope we get to see them again soon, maybe next time they will come our way!

London was beautiful! It seemed surreal to actually stand at Big Ben, the Parliament Building, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and other places. During those three days in London we did not get one drop of rain. Most people find that hard to believe, but we had beautiful weather, great company and awesome food the whole time we were there.

I am going to share a few photos I do not believe you have seen yet and close this chapter of our journey. If they have been posted before my apologies, I had them on my desk top to be shared. Thank you for following along! Please enjoy the photos.

I loved the red double decker buses, you couldn't miss them. We never had the need to use one however as everything was in walking distance for us, other than taking the train to Tower Bridge area.

The photo is a bit blurred, but as we were walking along I felt this business seemed out of place, but wow there are a lot of people over there! 

Shopping, for those interested...

I am not sure if I posted the women's memorial, but I don't think so.

This  cute little building is in the park next to the Parliament Building. I have details on it somewhere…will update this when I find the info.

Whitehouse Palace Banqueting House.

This is off on one of the side streets.

I just loved the red bus in front of this old building. And two red phone booths on each side!

A close up of the phone booth. My husband couldn't believe I wanted to take a picture of a phone booth. Do you see phone booths around the United States anywhere? I don't. These bring back memories and shows they are still available in London still, but for how long?

We made it to Downing Street!

We weren't able to walk down it however because it goes behind those gates.

This building is the Department of Cultural Media and Sport.
I wanted to share some of the non familiar places also.

 A Westminster train station sign.

And then my favorite of all (our friends Dave and Cathy took this photo out the window of their hotel room. They have given me permission to use this photo) the lights and water, I am in heaven!

(Photo by Dave and Kathy Douglas-2013)

Tower Bridge! (Used to be London Bridge's location…)

The final morning, we are in a taxi leaving London headed to the cruise ship.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. I just love London (may have something to do with my British Ancestors) and your photos are wonderful Cheryl. What a neat trip that must have been . . . I live thru your photos!

  2. Thank you Gini! We sure saw a lot for the short amount of time we were there!

  3. Gorgeous photos! And yes. You definitely should have taken a photo of that red phone booth. Very cool, indeed!

  4. LOL, Thank you Jana! We think alike then!


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