Working Behind the Scenes

It seems I am ALWAYS behind.

I have so many projects going on. I am trying to finish one before starting another, but that doesn't seem to work.

I haven't written any "Book of Me" prompts for awhile, but that doesn't mean I am not doing anything! I have actually been catching up with my dad's prompts and my husband's. I have added 5-7 prompts for each of them, so in essence I have completed approximately 10-14 prompts! I am extremely happy I am doing theirs also, it has been fun, and I am learning a lot. I even make up and add my own prompts as I see fit.

I am still working through the photos of our trip to Sweden last year. It takes time to choose photos, add a watermark and put a post together. I try to do them as often as I can. I really need to hurry up and post more of these though as there are so many I want to share. I am working on a post with photos for the inside of the Tower of London next.

"In a Window," Westminster, England,  2013, Cheryl Palmer.

I have been working on the organization on my MacBook Pro. This includes, files, photos and as of today, voice recordings and movies. I started just doing documents and pictures, but I need to clean my voice recorder so I checked to see that what is currently on the recorder has been downloaded and saved. Took me to long to find the files, so now I am working on moving those and my movies also.

Of course, I have been adding daily greetings for birthdays, etc. of my family. I enjoy this as it makes me think of each of my ancestors and family members on their day. It reminds me who is living and maybe who I eventually try to contact, if I haven't already. My ancestors also stay fresh in my mind, and many times questions come up, which I try to find the answers to as I am doing the posts, so I learn something also.

If you remember, I have also for the past few years been working on my "NEW TREE." I am happy to report that it is finally coming along and I can see real progress. I roughly have 4500 people in the tree now, and have 3 or 4 lines to check into and enter before I add my husbands family. I am proud of myself for not ever really cheating and doing any research (well, I did once or twice…) because that has driven me to work on the tree. I know once I get it where I want it, I can research again, so it makes a great goal!

Even though I may be a bit quiet here, I am working diligently in the back ground. I have devoted a lot of time the last several months to this, and I think my husband is tired of seeing and hearing me say I am working on my family tree. He is no dummy however. I told him I am trying to finish up my new tree, he recently responded, "You will never finish."

I think I will come up with a different response the next time he asks what I am doing on the computer…maybe I'll time him I'm making space for photos for our up coming vacation. 

(I have more projects lined up in my head, but I am trying to keep them in my head, for now anyway…)

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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