The Book of Me Written By You~Prompt 22~Daily Routine(s)

I am participating in Julie Goucher's activity:

This week’s prompt ~ Prompt 22 ~ Daily Routines

Do you have a daily routine?

Did your parents? Grandparents?
Why did they (or you ) have this routine?
Where did this routine take place?
Structure - Is this important to you? or your family?


For the most part my life has been set around routines. As a child routines are set for you, by the school districts and your parents. By the time I was in high school I decided to take an ROP program which added hours to my routine each day. This was my decision to make, and I made it. It was a good decision as I had a trade and was licensed by the time I was just under 18 years old. When I moved out on my own, I of course needed a routine to work. The rest of the time was play.

This is one of the apartments I lived in.
It was two story, three bedroom, carports below.
The very first door on the middle level was where I lived.

When I married and had my own daughter, I of course set a routine for her also. I worked part time most of the time she was growing up, so there were routines with babysitters also. I stopped working for a few years while raising my daughters, but once they were old enough, I actually went looking for a part time job because I was bored. (This is still actually hard for me to believe, but it was true at the time, I was bored) This set a new routine, for everyone.

Always was...
…a routine.

After raising children and having a career came retirement. All I could think of was all of the free time I would have to do whatever I wanted. Remember all of the crafts I loved so much? I envisioned myself immersed with hobbies. What kind of routine would I have then? Well, none if I so desired!

Sounds great and heavenly doesn't it? Before I new it the girls were getting married and settling down. I suddenly became a grandmother (actually this happened before I retired) and loved every minute of it. Of course I helped and babysat when needed and then another grandchild came along.

These are not my grandchildren but they remind me of them...

I have never watched my grandchildren full time and I am very grateful I wasn't needed for that. I have however watched them a day or two every week, which has helped their parents. Bottom line, what I have found in retirement years, my routine is basically set by my grandchildren and/or daughter as I am needed!

I think it may be a mistake that I do not set a routine. I just rejected the fact that I had to always be on a schedule.  I tend to like being different. I don't like doing what everyone else does, or need to have what everyone else has. I am tired of cooking and cleaning and have never liked going to the grocery store or actually shopping at all. I do enjoy buying a quick gift for someone though now and again and always love buying for the grandchildren.

(My buckets should look as clean!)

This doesn't mean I do not do those things, but I try to stretch them out as far between as I can. My husband is great at going to the grocery store and will help around the house. Some things I have to do myself though, I think most women understand what I mean by that. I always feel I have to spit shine the house when company is coming, but in between I do it as I have time. 

I have not scheduled time for cleaning since I retired. Nor have I given a certain day to grocery shop. Laundry is done on an "as needed" time schedule. When the basket is full and I have time the laundry gets done. Dishes after meals? I get them done but maybe not immediately after the meal, or even that evening, it may be the next morning they get done! They never sit longer than that and 80 per cent of the time it is done the same evening. I have found for me to enjoy my retirement years, I do what I want to do, most of the time. Of course, it can't be like that all of the time. 

Not my doctor…mine is a "she"…

The few things that do get scheduled these days are doctor appointments, dentist appointments, and maybe a car service. I do love to schedule vacations though! 

Everything else comes as it happens. I watch dogs. For the most part the owners schedule my time. My daughter schedules my time with the grandchildren, when I need to watch them and when I need to take them to baseball, soccer, or dance. Sometimes there is a school function or field trip to attend, and of course taking care of them when they are sick.

Yes, a rare photo I am sharing!
My husband, the grandkids and a couple of dogs I was watching.

Everyone else schedule's my time. My husband tries to fit things in to do with him when he can. For the most part I am way busier than when I was working, because I let everyone schedule my time for me. I go to yoga when my daughter teaches, if that is Sunday for a year, then I go on Sundays. If it is Monday and Thursdays, then I attend yoga on those days.

I do not know how to say no. The genealogy society called and asked me to be on the board a few years ago and I am still there. So, they schedule me also, for board meetings and general meetings as well as whatever my current job entails. 

Photo courtesy

If someone wants to go fishing or golfing suddenly on a certain day I want to go! I do not want to say no because I have to shop and clean...

Since I do not have my own routine, I find I need to schedule time for "me." I have taken a Friday through Sunday just for myself, to do what I wanted and it has worked, but I think a couple days during the week for me would be better. 

My parents and grandparents for sure had routines. We have all had routines. They vary by profession and lifestyle. I believe the most important routines are needed for children and working folks. 

My father listens to what I do daily sometimes since I have retired and he says~ 

"Wow, I need to go take a nap! Just listening to you makes me tired! I am sure glad I'm retired..."

Sorry, no not my dad….

That always makes me think. But now, I watch my daughter and her family. The theme this day and age seems to be, "make sure every minute of every day of your life is booked." It makes it tough to have routines, but they do, of course.

My routine daily is to fed the dog(s) and have a couple cups of coffee while I mull over the computer and the news it shares. Of course I wash up, brush my teeth, eat, etc. Three afternoons a week I take my grandchildren somewhere. Two days a week I watch one of my grandchildren. A couple of times a month I go to genealogy meetings, and generally I go to yoga at least once a week. Sometimes I cook, sometimes my husband does and sometimes we go out to eat. I go with how I feel, how busy I am and whatever works at the time.

This is perfect for my morning routine!

There is one routine I have lost that I plan to bring back. Exercise. Particularly, walking. I need to do it, and many times I miss walking. The problem for me? It has to be a "routine" and I am forever fighting the "routine." I think I will decide someone else added it to my schedule... that may work!

Of course, if I were at the beach…

I do think having routines make you accomplish more. I am not about accomplishments so much now, I am more about doing what I feel like doing, when I feel like it.

Thanks for stopping by! 

 Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. This is a wonderful post, Cheryl. My 'book of me' is a private posting, and I suspect it may get put into a book of sorts for my kids/grandkids to read some time. You've given me lots to think about - this topic seemed boring, but really, it provides a lovely way to talk about one's interests, values, relationships, and more.

  2. And here I thought I just rattled on! LOL Thank you Celia!


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