The Book of Me Written By You~Prompt 21~Hobbies

I am participating in Julie Goucher's activity:

This week’s prompt ~ Prompt 21 ~ Hobbies

Childhood hobbies & collections
Did you share a "passion" with a family member or friend?
Tell us about it - How, why, where
Do you still have any old hobbies - the ones that have been with you since childhood?
Do you still have those childhood collections?


Oh, hobbies! This could be a long post!
When I was 7 or 8 years old, I taught myself how to knit or crochet, I can't remember which it was first. I suppose I used a pattern from a book or magazine. I have no idea what it was that peeked my interest in either of these things. I made a head band of several different colors done in small sections of each color. I looked for a photo thinking one of my sisters was wearing in, but didn't find a photo with the head band.

***Edited 2/26/2014
***A photo with the headband! I made it in green and yellow sections and I am fairly confident I crocheted it. Someone showed me how to do this, I am certain. I am now thinking maybe it was a babysitter? Once I knew how to crochet a single crochet, I went about on my own making the finished product. Here is my sister wearing the headband, in a rather blurry cropped photo, but she is wearing the headband!***

Now you know I knit and crochet. I prefer crocheting actually. I used to sell things I crocheted back in the 70's. I made doll bed pillows, toilet tissue covers, and many other things. 

Made for the birth of my first grandchild, DRC.

One of my favorite things I crocheted was a top. It had a square neckline, and lacy, long, bell sleeves. The bottom of the top was lacy also, matching the sleeves. One of my best friends fell in love with the top and I made one for her also. I lined them both. I wish I still had the one I made for myself. I don't even have a photo. Why did I always seemed to give away or sell everything I make?

I have shared before my crocheted tablecloth that won first place at the county and state fairs. You can see photos of it here.

The tricky and strange thing is, I was never around anyone in my family who had a crafty bone in their body. So, everything I learned to do I have taught myself.  Much later in life I learned I did have a family line who was crafty, so it is something I inherited. 

There are several other things I have done as hobbies besides crocheting and knitting. I spent lots of time especially in high school days, sewing! I made most of my clothes. I was always told, as long as I make my clothes I could have as many as I wanted. I even made my junior high school prom dress as well as a friend's prom dress. 

This is a purse I made a few years ago.

I remember one day my mother wanted me to make her a new tablecloth and asked if I would mind making it. She thought it would be such a job. She did not sew. It was really a job! All I had to do was purchase the material she liked and hem it all the way around, piece of cake, and she loved it.

This is a beach bag, or small craft bag.

Another time, while in high school, I made a shirt for my dad. I will never forget it. I wanted so bad to make something for him, so I made him a shirt. It was atrocious! I wish I had a photo of it somewhere, I know there used to be one... I gave it to him for his birthday or Father's Day or something, it was a gift. Poor dad. He never wore it and I don't blame him. The material alone was discusting. It was a brown and white plaid of some sort that made triangles and squares all over the place. Don't know where my mind was back during those high school days.

I have done a bit of scrapbooking, and actually scrapbooked my daughter's wedding album.

I have done embroidery, macrame, sand painting, punch embroidery, card making and like to poke around beading jewelry. I even tried bead crocheting, which I posted here. I started a business with punch embroidery a dozen or so years ago. It was called Palmer's Pretty Punch.

Beaded Bracelet by Moi!

Other hobbies I have had are, playing piano (a short time), reading, (I used to read at least a book every week), coin collecting (I still have my very small collection, but am missing a few, specifically the WW11 pennies), and spoon collecting. 

To this I can add fishing, riding my Harley (100th anniversary model), golfing, watching softball and baseball games. I would consider taking photos another hobby as I love taking them. Of course, now a days, genealogy has been a big favorite the past dozen years or so.

After custom paint a few years later…

My first time fishing…and on a party boat! 
Three girls were the only ones who caught keeper sturgeon!
I was one of them.

The biggest, above all, hobby of mine has to be styling and playing with hair. My parents told me when I was two I would sit on the top of the couch and comb anyone's hair who would sit there and allow me. Then as I got older, I had a vanity that I would coerce all of my friends to sit at so I could do their hair. I never stopped. I went to beauty school when I was in high school and graduated from there a couple months after I graduated high school. I took state board tests, became a licensed cosmetologist, and was working in this profession when I was 17. Including school, I worked thirty years as a cosmetologist.  How much fun did I have, a career and hobby mixed in one!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. What fun you must have had writing this piece. Thanks too, for sharing many of your hobbies in photos. I really enjoyed your post.

  2. How great you have been able to have a life spent doing your interests!

  3. Thank you so much Barbara! Kristen, I have been fortunate! I thought when I retired I would be making things up like crazy, but there are not enough hours in a day. I have to be picky and choosy, and I find more interests I would like to learn. I have to put a stop to it! LOL


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