The Book of Me Written By You~Prompt 19~Who do You Miss?

I am participating in Julie Goucher's activity:

This week’s prompt ~ Prompt 19 ~ Who do you miss?

Having just gone through the Festive season our thoughts turn to those not with us.
Whether that is people who live elsewhere and that we will not see over the festive season
People that have passed away.
Who do you miss?
Why do you miss them?
Them as an individual
Something specific to them.


I miss all of my relatives and friends who have passed away. It is difficult to specify only one person, I know I can not do that. I miss them all for various reasons. They all played a part in my life. 

From my great grandpa Joe and my great grandma Hazel I learned a bit about patience and understanding. One being hard of hearing and the other with Alzheimer's, made life more difficult for each of them and the people around them.

All of my grandparents are missed, and I had a few. By the time you add the step grandparents (they were real grandparents to me) I had 12 grandparents. From them I learned love, caring and giving. I also learned to be thoughtful and helpful. I miss each of their individual characteristics that made them who they were.

My mother, who has been gone for 13 years taught me a few things also. The main thing she taught me was something I recently came to realize. She wasn't always right by any means and I did not always understand or agree with her, but she was my mother and friend, and smarter sometimes than I gave her credit for. A comment or two she had made before she passed I didn't agree with. Recently, I realized how much foresight and understanding she had of some other individuals. I think it surprised me. We used to talk on the phone several times a week for long periods of time. I miss those calls. I miss the way she made sure the whole family spent time together, especially during the holidays. I miss playing games with her and shopping with her. I even miss doing certain things for her that I once hated doing. 

My brother-in-law and my ex-husband, and cousin. They both left this world at much to young an age. My brother- in-law was a true friend, and he loved my daughter. I fondly remember the conversations they would have when together at my house. My brother-in-law trusted me and loved my sister. It is amazing to me the things he would do for her, not many men would do what he did. My husband would be one of the first to admit he wouldn't do some those things my brother-in-law did for my sister. Special, he was special that way. My ex-husband I really haven't seen or talked with in many years. He was my daughter's father however. Their relationship was strained over the years. I wish he were still here. I wish my daughter could have had the chance to have a relationship with him and see all the good sides the man had, he did have his good sides. I have memories of my cousin when we played together as children. Photos, movies, memories. She also was to young…

I miss my friends, every single one of them that has passed away. There have been far to many friends who have passed in the last ten years. Most have passed before hitting retirement. Most have been much to young. It certainly puts a different perspective on life when you loose so many friends so young. I found at one point I wanted to close myself up in the house and not know anyone anymore. The more people I knew, it seemed more likely someone was going to pass soon. (I have gotten past that stage, thankfully) I really do miss all of our friends who have passed and think about them often.

Included in my friends group would be the pets I have had in my life. I can name most all of them except for a stray cat or two. They were family! No questions asked, they were always happy to see you. Unconditional love…always. 

And lastly, I miss all my relatives that I do not get to see often due to distance and other unfortunate circumstances.

My relatives, friends and pets who have all passed away, are not totally gone, they are still alive in my mind. I just physically miss seeing you and making more memories.

Hugs and love, I miss you all.

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