The Book of Me Written By You~Prompt 18~First Present or Gift

I am participating in Julie Goucher's activity:

This week’s prompt ~ Prompt 18 ~ First Present or Gift

Can you remember it?
Who bought it for you?
Do you still have it?
Pictures or a description
Other special gifts?


I do not specifically remember my very first present or gift, but I do remember the first present/gift that I absolutely hated! I will share that gift with you.

I do not still have it, nor do I have any photos of this gift. I would never have taken a picture of this gift! 

The gift was from one of my step-grandfather's family members. He was from New Mexico. His ( I have no recollection of his name…) family came to California, I am assuming for a vacation. My family met them while they were here. It doesn't seem to come to me where we met them…maybe it was at our house. 

Anyway, a son was somewhere close to my age, but I think a bit older. We all met, spent part of the day together and that was the last time I saw them. I think I was maybe 12 or 13 years old.

A couple weeks pass. Then out of the blue a package comes in the mail for me. I never received a package in the mail before so I was very excited and anxious as I went to open it. I saw it was from this boy in New Mexico. I remember thinking to myself, "I wonder what he sent me. Does this mean he likes me? " I was anxious more than ever to see what was in the package!

I finally got it opened. When I saw what was in it, I almost dropped it immediately. It scared and shocked me so much! What I saw when I opened that box, was a big black scorpion in resin made into a bracelet. I had never seen anything like this before. It was so ugly, so big and so black! I really couldn't believe what I was seeing and finally had to look closer at it. Amazing they made bracelets like this. Why? Why would any female want to wear that ugly thing?

I remember my mother was shocked by it also. I left it as it was a "guy" thing and he was new at buying gifts for girls! I thought he was trying to do a nice thing, and didn't know any better. Typical, guys liked bugs. But here in California, I had never even seen a scorpion. 

There are photos on Google with scorpions in resin bracelets, but this left such a bad taste with me, I don't even want a photo of anything similar here on my blog. If you are interested in seeing a picture, Google, scorpion in resin bracelet or something similar, and you will get the picture.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. I had to google. It looks like something than evil sorcerous would wear while casting a spell. yikes!

  2. That is it! Something an evil sorcerous would wear! I love it!

  3. Different cultures have different ideas of protection. If you Google the myth of a scorpion you will find the positive side of this creature you thought ugly. Animal symbolism is an amazing study of human as well as animal nature.
    Maybe he did like you and that was his way of telling you. As yong people we don't always react to things as we do as adults. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I suppose you are correct June, but even as an adult I didn't look at it that way. Maybe because the childhood memory is still so strong. There's always two sides to everything. Doesn't mean I would ever like it though. ;-)


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