The Book of Me Written By You ~ Prompt 9 ~ Halloween

 I am participating in Julie Goucher's activity:

This week’s prompt ~ Prompt 9 ~ is Halloween

Have you ever participated in a Halloween event?
When was it?
Where was it?
What did you dress as?
Trick or treat?

My memories of Halloween as a child 

My only real memory is probably the very last time I actually dressed up to go trick or treating which means I was probably on the older side. It seems to me that I dressed as a hippy. I think this costume idea has been used quite a bit, don't you?

I really don't have pictures or memories of Halloween which is kind of sad. I know we went trick or treating...maybe it wasn't that big of a holiday to me. I need to look around more to see if  I have any photos.

My memories of Halloween as an adult

These are closer memories, so I have a few.

I remember sewing a dress for my step-daughter for Halloween who wanted to be a bride. I sure got involved in that and went way above and beyond what it needed to be. I spent a bit of money on this costume, but I enjoyed it and I am fairly certain she loved it. 

Of course we took our girls out trick or treating until they were old enough to go with friends on their own. We needed to check their bags when they returned to make sure nothing was in there that they shouldn't have. It was sad when Halloween became a time that crazy people started putting strange things in Children's bags, things primarily laced with drugs. I never understood why people ever wanted to hurt a child.

When we were in the Harley Group, the chapter always had a hugh Halloween run. It was  our major fundraiser. One of the years I was actually an officer and really participated in the planning, set up and participation of the run. On a good year we would have 500 Harley riders show up for our run. On a rainy day we would be lucky to have 150 people.

We always had a sign in, pay funds for the run and then get coffee and donuts. Many years we led a run which would be a poker run. One of the stops was always a cemetery. After the run everyone would congregate at a place were we would have a nice barbecue lunch. In later years it was held inside at the Saddlerack in Fremont, California. As time went on the run would change, the final stop was at Pirates of Emerson. A very haunted and scary place to go through. 

Most bikers would dress up for the run. I was once a witch, another common costume, how boring. As years went on, the dress up turned into little skits performed by different chapters at the Saddlerack after the run. The chapter with the best skit won the prize, verses the best costume winning, prior to that time. 

We always had raffle prizes and the year I handled the prizes I was amazed by the wonderful gifts we gave away. The Harley store donated items, someone made a Harley quilt and people donated items like crazy. It was always a fun event and well received.

(I have been holding this post trying to find photos from one of our Halloween events, to no avail. I have to dig deeper and will add photos when I find and scan them.)

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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