"My" Swedish Adventure~Resan~Parliament Building~Part14

"My" Swedish Adventure ~ Förbereda (Preparing)


I believe I have said we did a lot of walking from our hotel room. It was maybe a mile to Trafalgar Square, and less to other areas. We walked past the Parliament Building many, many times. Consequently, I took lots of photos, always thinking one may be better than another.

This is how it looked as we walked up to it. Maybe you can get an idea how tall it is.

Here, we have gotten much closer...

...and, closer yet. You can see how the angle changes the views between the photo below and the previous one.

More of a central view here.

A close up view with the statue.

A door which I photographed at the tallest part of the building when we were first approaching it. The door is very tall. Unfortunately, I do not have a photo with anything near it so you could see how enormous it is. 

Below we see a guard patrolling the premises.

Once past the building, we find this fence, which continually encloses Parliament Square.

At the corner, this is the building you see.

Then, if we angle to the left a bit, we also see the top of... 

...Big Ben!

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